Update your iPhone 14 now and finally fix the camera

Update your iPhone 14 now and finally fix the camera

The technology giant has released a new update, iOS 16.0.2 , perhaps the most important since the final stable version of the operating system was released. And it is because it addresses a variety of errors that users have been suffering, especially those who have already taken the step and have changed an iPhone 14, since it fixes the iPhone 14 Pro camera shake error.

The new update has been released just two weeks after the release of iOS 16, and follows iOS 16.0.1, an update made available to iPhone 14 owners on launch day, which also had no great news. In addition to the camera bug, it solves other problems that users have detected, so whether you’re facing one or not, it’s best to update to iOS 16.0.2, from the iPhone’s own settings, where you’ll find the new software version waiting. It is 267.5 MB in size and it will only take 5 minutes to update your phone.

iPhone 14 Pro

All the changes from the iOS update

According to the iOS 16.0.2 release notes, the update addresses several bugs affecting iPhone 14 models and other iPhones running iOS 16.

  • iPhone 14 Pro camera bug : The main fix in the new iOS 16.0.2 version is for the shaky camera on the iPhone 14 Pro. This issue originated with third-party apps like TikTok and is potentially harmful. for the camera, since in the long run the rattle could break some element of the component. The error, until now, could only be resolved by restarting the iPhone from scratch. The update has adjusted the lenses to prevent them from moving under any circumstances.
  • Copy and paste : One of the novelties of iOS 16 is that it asks the user for permission to copy and paste texts, to prevent applications from reading the clipboard without our permission. Unfortunately, the new feature was too ‘heavy’, as many users were constantly being asked if they really wanted to paste some kind of text. This is something that has also been improved in iOS 16.0.2, so you no longer have to give permission multiple times to copy and paste in the same apps.
  • Problems with touch screens that have been fixed : This problem affects older models, such as iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11. Several users complained that the touch panel began to respond in a defective way in all those smartphones that They were replaced at the time. Apparently, this is another of the bugs that Apple claims to have resolved.
  • Black Screen : Some users were seeing a black screen in iOS 16 while setting up a new phone or doing a factory reset, making it impossible to continue with the initial phone setup and forcing them to restart the phone. The new version of iOS also ends this bug.
  • VoiceOver issues : The latest bug to be fixed with the new version of Apple’s operating system has to do with the feature that allows the iPhone to speak menu items to people with visual impairments. VoiceOver would sometimes turn itself off and it seems that this is no longer the case.