Update Realme 5 Pro with Android 10: What Changes Does It Bring?

Android 10 continues to expand, this time for the Realme 5 Pro , one of the mid-range that has received the best reception in the market since they were presented. The bet of the Realme company includes an update system that users do not forget, so in their plans it enters that this same device and the rest of the Pro range receive in addition to Android 10, also Android 11.

This update brings more changes than we could find only with Android 10, since this Realme mid-range includes the new Realme UI customization layer, moving further away from OPPO to make a difference. Although brands continue to work together, they want to follow different paths, something that could benefit even more Realme with all the novelties it presents.

This is how Realme 5 Pro changes with this update


Among all the changes included in the update for Realme 5 Pro, there are several focused on security, aesthetic aspects and functions. Some of the most prominent are the color that the menus now take, being closer to Android stock, but marking the distances, based on Android 10 we also have the well-known Focus Mode that comes from Digital Wellbeing and we find a redesign in both contacts as in the searches we perform on our mobile.

Personalization takes on greater importance in the Realme 5 Pro with this update by allowing us to choose between icons, choose from a variety of new sounds that adapt if we want according to the weather or the possibility of adding moving wallpapers to the screen lock Among its changes have also improved screenshots, now being possible by dragging three fingers. New loading animations, new recent windows and gameplay has also changed.

The gestures can now be used both horizontally and vertically and we find a simple way of use for those who do not want to get complicated. The camera, like the gallery itself, has received an important redesign to give more value to photography and finally Realme Share is also integrated in Realme UI, the layer that offers us infinite changes.

Check if you can already update

This update is being progressively released via OTA, so it is likely that it will still take a few days to reach Spain and other countries. To check if we already have the update available, we will have to enter Settings> System> System updates and once the search has been carried out we will see the package that includes Realme UI v1.0 and Android 10 along with all the news that we have shown.

realme 5 Pro actualización