Update an Apple Watch: How to Do it and Why

If you do not know how to update an Apple Watch, this post interests you. Here we will not only tell you the steps you must follow to update watchOS, the operating system of these watches, but we will also tell you why you should do it and we show you a trick with which to speed up these downloads when they are taking a long time.

Importance of updating watchOS

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As with an iPhone or Mac, installing the latest version of the Apple Watch operating system is essential for several reasons. The first one is for security reasons, since in each update a series of internal parameters are implemented that guarantee your privacy while using the watch. Also, the correction of errors is present in each update, thus managing to repair any fault that may be present, such as shorter battery life or actions that do not work as they should.

On the other hand, it is essential to have the latest updates to enjoy the latest news with which Apple provides its devices. Probably between intermediate versions like watchOS 5 and watchOS 5.1 there are hardly any new features visible, but the change is greater when the first digit changes. Therefore, it is possible that if you have not updated your watch for some time, you may find very interesting news.

Another case in which it may be important to update is to be able to correctly link the iPhone with the Apple Watch , since sometimes the situation may arise that some iOS functionality for the watch needs to have the Apple Watch also at a version at par. Therefore, this could end up being a mandatory reason for updating to access certain features.

How to update Apple Watch

As you may already know, an Apple Watch only syncs with an iPhone, also being a key device for much of the watch’s settings. That is why each update will be received in the iOS app. If you want to check if you have any pending update you must follow these steps:

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  1. Open the Watch app on iPhone.
  2. Go to the ” My watch ” tab.
  3. Follow the path General> Software update.
  4. Please wait while searching for the update.
  5. Click on ” Download and install “.

In order to start the download, the Apple Watch must be charging and with a battery of 50% or more. One tip we give you so you don’t have to be checking these settings is to go back to General> Software Update in the Watch app and turn on automatic updates. However, even if this function is active, you will have the last word to decide whether to update or not after receiving the corresponding notification on the iPhone.

Since the arrival of watchOS 6, it is also possible to update the Apple Watch from the settings of the watch itself. To do this you must follow the path Settings> General> Software update. It should be noted that in this case you must also have the device charging and with the battery level at least 50%.

What to do if the download is slow

The time it takes for a software update to be downloaded generally depends on its size and your internet connection. However, it can also happen that the servers are collapsing them, which normally occurs when it is a large version during the minutes after it is released. In any case, there are a number of tips that can help you speed up the download.

  • Connect Apple Watch to the WiFi network. Normally it automatically connects when it is linked to the iPhone, but if not, you can go to Settings> WiFi on the watch.
  • Try updating from the watch , using the method shown above and as long as you have a system version equal to or greater than watchOS 6.
  • If you are downloading the software from the iPhone app, put airplane mode on this device. You will have to make sure that it is still connected to the WiFi network and ignore the messages that will appear saying that the connection with the Apple Watch has been lost. At the moment it is downloaded and you go to prepare the installation, you must remove this airplane mode.