How to Unlock an iPhone without Using PIN or Face Recognition

There are times when the facial recognition of your iPhone fails completely and you have your hands full to enter the PIN; It is a situation that you will know well at this time due to the use of masks, and it is a nuisance especially when you are in a hurry. It can also happen that you go home in the sunny weather with a cap on and the obligatory sunglasses, and that the system has no idea who you are and, of course, does not unlock the device. What can be done in these cases?

Here we tell you how to unlock your iPhone without entering the PIN or using Face ID: this is a good trick that makes the iPhone enter the PIN for you after using a voice command that you have previously configured. It may seem strange, but Apple has considered this possibility not thinking of a mere question of convenience, but considering issues of accessibility for those who cannot use the usual unlocking methods.

Still, it should be remembered that this method should never completely replace face recognition or PIN entry manually, but is useful when you’re away from home.

unlock iphoneNote : This guide is based on iPhone X and iOS 13.6.

Set up voice control on the device

Chances are that your iPhone does not even have Voice Control activated, something that can be done very easily and for which you must follow these steps to get started.

Desbloqueo iPhone

Step 1 : Open the Settings app.

Step 2 : Scroll down and tap on Accessibility , a feature located just below General.

Step 3 : scroll down and tap on Voice Control ; It is located in the Physical and Motor Skills section.

Step 4 : Activate voice control or tap Set up voice control if you have never used this feature before.

Create the specific command

The hardest part will be emulating the way you enter the PIN; When you get to this point, the screen turns black so there are no numbers you can see. The best advice here is to clean the screen first; Eating a plate of chicken or potatoes full of fat and then unlocking the phone with a PIN with your fingers stained doesn’t seem like the best idea. Press hard on the areas where you want to enter the PIN emulation.

Once you’re asked to emulate your PIN entry gesture, position the phone at a proper angle until you can see those fingerprints, and then tap on those dots.

IPhone FaceID

Step 1 : Open the Settings app.

Step 2 : Scroll down and tap on Accessibility , a feature that is located just below General .

Step 3 : Scroll down and tap on Voice Control , found in the Physics and Motor Skills section.

Step 4 : Click on Customize Commands .

Step 5 : Now click on Personalize on the next screen.

Step 6 : Select Create New Command below .


Step 7 : Write the phrase you want to speak and then click on the blue Done button.

Step 8 : Click on Action displayed on the same screen.

Step 9 : Now select Run custom gesture .

Step 10 : Emulate your PIN entry by tapping on the black screen.

Step 11 : Tap Stop in the lower right corner to complete the recording.

Step 12 : Tap Save in the upper right corner to save this gesture.

Step 13 : Now return to the Action screen; click on New command in the upper left corner to return.

Step 14 : Click on Save .

Disable command

You can keep this command that we have shown you stored on an iPhone and simply disable Voice Control when it is not necessary. For this you must follow the steps that we detail below.


Step 1 : Open the Settings app.

Step 2 : scroll down and click on Accessibility below; this function is located just below General .

Step 3 : Scroll down again and tap Voice Control now, a feature found in the Physical and Motor Skills section.

Step 4 : Deactivate voice control at this point.