Unleash Your Creativity: Design Custom Photo Frames with AI

One of the major benefits of using AI to create images is that it does not take a long time to complete and all that is needed from the user is a brief description of the scene that is being desired. But that is where AI is limited to in terms of this basic concept, although with tools as diverse as Microsoft Designer, it does so much more.

Microsoft Designer was previously known as Bing Image Creator; It is a powerful and unique AI for Microsoft that enables one to create or design, edit, and repurpose images as needed. It does not simply generate images but has features such as making of personalized stickers, avatars, greeting cards, and so on. Furthermore, users can describe the changes required on the photos to be made, either in regards to style, background or any object to be removed.

Use Windows Designer to design your own photo frame

Microsoft Designer can also employ artificial intelligence in designing-photo frames that will fit the photos required. Here’s how you can make the most of this feature:

  1. Access Microsoft Designer: The following are the step-by-step procedure: Open the web-browser and navigate to the site: The Microsoft Designer 2/ You are required to sign in using your Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail, etc. ) 3/ On the home page, click the Edit with AI button.
  2. Upload Your Image: Go to the Image selection by clicking on any Image and you will be directed to a file explorer where you can upload the image you wish to frame.
  3. Describe Decorative Elements: It will include Elements where you have to describe the designing features or embellishments you would wish to find in your frame. The sending of messages can be in English and Spanish but using English can help in avoiding translation mistakes.
  4. Choose Your Style: Once again, navigate to the Style setting in order to expand options concerning the outer frame design.
  5. Generate and Select: After setting all the parameters, go to the Generate tab. The advantage of using Microsoft Designer is that up to four different designs of the frames could be provided. To make them more visible and chose which picture you want to download or continue the editing, click on each to view them in larger sizes.

Adding and Modifying Your Frames

In case you want to edit Microsoft Designer also has numerous filters to enable modification of the image. The filter intensity can be adjusted and this design can be replaced with another one in the Ideas tab located on the right side of the website.


Personalizing photo frames can be done easily with unique and fun tools available in Microsoft Designer which utilizes AI. Whether you desire a frame that conforms to your image style or one that’s completely opposite, this tool provides you with a measure of artistic liberty in order to get what you want as a frame. It is time to get into Microsoft Designer right now and start beautifying your memories with frames.