Universal Travel Plug for Traveling: Top Models

Chances are, you’re already planning your summer vacation. Yes, the borders are beginning to open, so we can enjoy more than deserved vacations in which to recover energy to return to work with more strength than ever. Of course, you must not forget your universal travel plug.

We are talking about an essential element if you are going to leave Spain. More than anything because each country has its own standard. And there is nothing more unpleasant than arriving at your hotel in London and realizing that you cannot charge absolutely any device since the plug is not compatible.

Universal Travel Plug for Traveling: Top Models

What to consider when buying a universal travel plug

The offer available to buy a universal plug is really varied, but there are a number of factors to take into account so that you can get the most out of it. To get started, you have to buy a universal power adapter that is compatible with all available formats.

Yes, you still think that since you are going to travel to the United States, buying a power adapter for that country is enough. Gross mistake. More than anything because in the future you can go to other destinations that use another electrical system. And you would have to buy a new compatible plug. For this reason, it is best to seek universal solutions.

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Options to consider

The other factor to consider is the voltage surges. Depending on the country you travel to, they may have power surges or drops that can cause damage to your devices. Are you going to trust the electrical system of your hotel? Better prevention than cure, so it’s better to buy a universal travel plug with anti-electrical overload protection.

The diagram above shows the different types of plugs you can find. Don’t worry, you really only need five different configurations to travel wherever you want. Now that what you need is clear, let’s see what are the best models to consider.

Adaptador Enchufe de Viaje Universal Milool

Milool Universal Travel Plug

First of all, we are going to recommend you this universal travel plug from Milool. A product that you can use in any country without problem. In addition, its design will allow it to be stored in any corner of your suitcase or backpack since it will hardly take up space. Isn’t that enough for you? Be aware that it has two USB ports on the side so you can charge more devices simultaneously.

Enchufe de Viaje Universal Milool verde

Green Milool Universal Travel Plug

Another model from the manufacturer Milol that we are going to recommend is this universal power adapter that will allow you to travel to the most remote places with the peace of mind that you can charge your devices without major problems. It features an easily identifiable greenish hue, plus a true knockdown price.

Enchufe de Viaje Universal Etlephe

Etlephe Universal Travel Plug

Thirdly, we recommend this universal plug from the manufacturer Etlephe, which stands out for having advanced security systems. Yes, it complies with CE, RoHS and FCC , in addition to having an anti-electrical overload fuse. Add the two USB ports to charge additional devices and you have an ideal travel companion.

Enchufe de Viaje Universal Surwell

Surwell Universal Travel Plug

Saying that this universal plug boasts of offering 4 types of plug with different plugs and the name of the regions in which they work so that you can identify them very simply and quickly. In addition, its compact design and the two additional USB ports to charge all kinds of devices are a plus to consider.

Enchufe de Viaje Universal DLOPK

DLOPK Universal Travel Plug

Be careful with this universal power adapter from the manufacturer DLOPK, because it hides an ace up its sleeve that makes a difference with its rivals. Mainly because this plug has nothing more and nothing less than four USB ports, one of them with fast charge to save you from more than one trouble.

Enchufe de Viaje Universal Milool con carga rápida

Universal Milool Travel Plug with Quick Charge

Another Milool plug that we are going to recommend is this travel model. More than anything because, in addition to having all the options so you can plug them into any country, it stands out for a differentiating element: it has a USB port compatible with QuickCharge 3.0 fast charging. A tall model!

Adaptador de corriente universal  HUANUO

HUANUO Universal Power Adapter

Following this compilation with the best universal travel adapters you can buy to travel without problem, it is the turn of this solution from the manufacturer Huanuo. A vitaminized model that boasts four USB Type A ports, plus a USB Type C port for charging laptops and other compatible devices.

Enchufe de Viaje Universal LOETAD

LOETAD Universal Travel Plug

Without a doubt, one of the most restrained models at the design level that you will find in this top. More than anything because this universal travel plug has dimensions of only 8 x 7.6 x 6.8 cm, so that it fits in any space in your suitcase without problem. In addition, it has all kinds of security systems, having CE, FCC & ROHS certifications, short circuit protection and overheating protection to add a plus of security.

Adaptador de corriente universal Lencent

Lencent Universal Power Adapter

The manufacturer Lencent is one of the great references when it comes to buying accessories of all kinds. And, within its complete catalog, we find this universal travel plug that will become the best ally for your trips. A model with a sober design, four USB Type A ports and a 10 percent discount that make it even more appetizing.

Enchufe de Viaje Universal Lencent con luz de noche

Lencent Universal Travel Plug with Night Light

To end this compilation with the best universal power adapters to travel to any country without worrying about the type of connection you need, we want to recommend you this Lencent model. It really is very similar to the previous model, but it has a surprise that can be very useful.

More than anything because in addition to doing the functions of a universal travel plug, it has a small LED light that will illuminate enough for you to go to the bathroom, for example. A detail to take into account, more seeing that you can buy this travel plug at a really interesting price.