Uninstalling Microsoft Edge: Is It Worth Removing Windows’ Integrated Browser?

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft unveiled Edge, a new web browser designed to erase the tarnished reputation that Internet Explorer had acquired over the years. However, its success didn’t quite meet expectations.

Over time, Microsoft continued its efforts, and in 2021, it underwent a complete overhaul by adopting Chromium, the same foundation used by Google Chrome. This change allowed users to install extensions not only from Microsoft’s extension store but also from the Chrome Web Store, significantly expanding its capabilities.

Today, Microsoft Edge stands as one of the top browsers for Windows, seamlessly integrated into the system with minimal resource consumption. This integration extends to Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus, making it an excellent choice for low-performance computers.

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Uninstalling Microsoft Edge from Windows

If you’ve decided to remove Microsoft Edge because you no longer use it or find it intrusive, you can’t uninstall it like other applications. Instead, you’ll need to use the Vivetool tool to enable certain hidden functions within the system, eliminating the need to edit the Windows Registry.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the open-source Vivetool tool from its GitHub website.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and place it in a folder on the C drive for easy access.

Next, follow these commands to enable the necessary function:

  1. Open Command Prompt with administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to the Vivetool folder using the following commands:
    cd vivetool
  3. Run the command to enable the feature:
    vivetool /enable /id:44353396
  4. Close the Command Prompt by typing “exit” and restart your computer.

After the restart, follow these steps to uninstall Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open Windows Settings using the Win + I keyboard shortcut.
  2. Go to the “Apps” section and find “Microsoft Edge.”
  3. Click on Microsoft Edge, and the “Uninstall” option will be available.

Is It Worth Uninstalling Microsoft Edge?

As mentioned earlier, the current version of Microsoft Edge is a far cry from its initial release with Windows 10. Today, it’s one of the best browsers available, offering compatibility with Chrome extensions and resource efficiency due to its system integration.

Microsoft Edge also features versions for iOS and Android and includes Bing Chat Artificial Intelligence, enabling users to ask questions on web pages and PDF files, among other functionalities not found in other browsers. Importing data like bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history from Chrome to Edge is a seamless process.

Before removing Microsoft Edge from your PC, consider giving it another chance and exploring its capabilities. Its modern features and integration with Windows make it a valuable browser choice for many users.