Understanding How to Locate Your iPhone Even When It’s Powered Off

The ability to locate a turned-off iPhone is a relatively new and valuable feature introduced by Apple. This function ensures that even if your iPhone runs out of battery or is intentionally powered off, it can still be found—acting somewhat like an AirTag.

Here’s an overview of how this feature works and what you can expect in terms of device locatability after it has been turned off.

iPhone dead

How Does the Feature Work?

When you power down your iPhone, you might notice a message indicating that the device can still be tracked. This is possible because the iPhone, while off, can still emit a low-energy Bluetooth signal that allows it to be detected by nearby devices in the Find My network. This capability is part of Apple’s broader Find My network, which leverages millions of Apple devices to help locate lost items.

Duration of Locatability

The duration for which a turned-off iPhone can still be located depends on several factors:

  1. Battery Reserve: Even after your iPhone shuts down due to low battery, it still retains a small reserve. This reserve is not accessible for phone use but is kept to power the Bluetooth signal for the Find My network. Typically, this can last a few days depending on the battery health and the conditions in which the phone is stored.
  2. Environmental Factors: The physical environment can affect how long the low-energy Bluetooth signal is effective. Factors like temperature and humidity can impact battery preservation.
  3. Phone Model: Newer models may have more efficient battery usage and better Bluetooth low energy capabilities, potentially offering longer locatability periods.

Locating a Turned-Off iPhone

To locate a turned-off iPhone, use the Find My app from another Apple device or access iCloud.com from a browser. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Open the Find My app or visit iCloud.com and log in with your Apple ID.
  • Select the ‘Devices’ tab and choose your iPhone from the list.
  • The map will show the last known location of your iPhone. If it’s still emitting a Bluetooth signal, its location will update as it’s detected by devices in the network.

What if the iPhone is Turned Off Manually?

If your iPhone is turned off manually, it can still be located until the battery reserve is depleted. This duration can extend from a few days to about a week, as our tests with an iPhone 13 Pro have indicated.

What Happens When the Battery Fully Depletes?

Once the battery is fully depleted, the iPhone will no longer emit any signals and cannot be located until it is charged again. If the phone is lost and later found or sold, charging the device will reactivate the locatability feature. It’s also important to note that the security features linked to your Apple ID, like Activation Lock, will remain active, safeguarding your device against unauthorized use.


Apple’s extension of the Find My network capabilities to include powered-off iPhones significantly enhances the chances of recovering a lost or stolen device. While there are limitations based on battery life and environmental conditions, this feature adds a valuable layer of security for iPhone users. If you find yourself in a situation where your iPhone has gone missing, remember that time is of the essence, and accessing the Find My app promptly could help you retrieve your device before the battery reserve runs out.