Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Charger for Your OnePlus Device

In fact, the idea of the best charger for your OnePlus smartphone would be to be able to get the most out of it in terms of fast charging times but without compromising the life and health of its battery. OnePlus is one of the companies with Dash Charge, SUPERVOOC, and AIRVOOC charging technologies, offering several devices that support various kinds of fast charging powers. A buying guide as follows will help in picking the right charger for your OnePlus model without overspending.

oneplus phone charger

Opting for SUPERVOOC Chargers Ensure that with the new charger outputs for the latest OnePlus models—OnePlus 11 and 12, it ideally matches your phone charging capabilities. A 65W, 80W, or maybe even 100W SUPERVOOC charger would be ideal, dependent on the actual model you go for. Where OnePlus also offers original charging heads, which are definitely compatible and safe, the price is high, sometimes even 70 euros. Others can find substitute versions that compromise between price and quality.

The Best Chargers for OnePlus 11 and 12 OnePlus SUPERVOOC 100W Charger:

This authentic OnePlus charger slightly crosses the 50 euros mark. It is designed for flagship models and offers very fast 100W charging. With a dual port, it will make your OnePlus device compatible and at the best speed of charging. Pairing it with a high-quality cable, such as the 125W option, maximizes charging efficiency and safety.

Cheap AliExpress options:

People looking to spend less can go with the sellers of similar chargers on AliExpress for the 11, 12, and a few compatible with the OnePlus 10 Pro and other older models.

One can also get a 100W or 80W charger from vendors who claim the originality of the chargers. Worth less than 30 euros, the chargers give a more affordable solution with the same quality.

Additional Recommended Chargers

Or perhaps your OnePlus device supports other charging speeds, and there are more affordable variants.

80W Fast Charger: This USB-C cable-attached charger will match the OnePlus 11, 12, 10, 9, and 8 series and is estimated to cost about 30 euros. 65W SUPERVOOC Charger: It fits perfect for devices like the OnePlus Nord 2 and is available for less than 30 euros.

TPC Mobile 80W Super Fast Charger: Priced approximately at 40 euros, this charger is one of the best-equipped chargers available and is compatible with OnePlus 10 Pro, Nord 2T, and some of the OPPO models, giving further emphasis on cross-compatibility between the two brands of devices—OnePlus and OPPO—with their shared technologies. 30W Charger: When users have old models of OnePlus or the power required to charge their mobile phones is less, users can very comfortably go with a 30W charger, which comes cheap and safe to use without delivering more than enough power into the system.


Charging speed should top the list of what to consider when buying your charger for any OnePlus device. While none can give you the peace of mind that original OnePlus chargers give, there are a few third-party brands out there that almost match the performance for literally a fraction of the cost. Always remember to check for compatibility and read reviews first, so you actually get a safe and effective charger, and therefore keep your device powered up, not emptying your wallet.