Ubuntu has a new version: 4 reasons to install this Linux

Last April, Canonical released one of the most important updates to its Linux distro, Ubuntu. The new 22.04 came as an extended support update, LTS, which will offer all its users updates, support and maintenance for 5 years, until 2027. As at its launch, we recommend not installing it for various reasons (problems, errors, etc.) , this week the first update of this version has arrived, the 22.04.1 . And now there are reasons to install it.

Ubuntu has a new version: 4 reasons to install this Linux

This new version is the first “checkpoint” of Ubuntu 22.04. Users who want to install this Linux will be able to do it directly to this version without having to install all the patches released in the last 4 months, being able to have the most updated and stable distro from the beginning than in its first version.

Whether it’s because we’re tired of Windows, because we can’t install Windows 11, or simply because we already use Ubuntu and want to be up to date, the new Ubuntu 22.04.1 is a good opportunity to install this OS. Let’s see the main reasons to install this version.

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We have new Ubuntu 22.04.1 ISOs

One of the reasons why we should give this version a try is because we already have the new ISO images updated to 22.04.1 available . Thanks to them we can start this updated version directly in Live mode, to use it without installing, or install it from scratch on our computer without having to download (for now) any package or any more updates.

It is now possible to upgrade from 20.04 LTS

One of the reasons why we did not recommend installing this version at the time is because Canonical did not allow us to update from the previous LTS, 20.04. And, since we always recommend jumping from LTS to LTS, and skipping intermediate versions, it is not appropriate to recommend formatting to upgrade.

Now, with the arrival of the new 22.04.1, Canonical has released the update for users of the previous LTS. Therefore, if we are users of Ubuntu 20.04.x LTS, we can update right now to the new Ubuntu 22.04.1 and start enjoying all the improvements and new features of this new version, such as:

  • New GNOME
  • New light and dark themes
  • RDP support
  • New accent colors
  • new kernel

Numerous fixes and improvements

The 22.04.1 checkpoint applies to the system a large number of patches and corrections in all sections of the system so that it works, from the beginning, in a much more stable and reliable way.

The release of 22.04 has been quite bumpy due to a number of changes introduced by this version. And we have even been able to see errata that have been in this version for months, something unheard of in Linux. Luckily, all these problems have finally been solved, and now it is a recommended version for everyday use.

Errata Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Unfortunately, this new version still uses an old version of the Kernel, 5.15, instead of updating to 5.18 or 5.19 as other distros have done. If we want a newer kernel we will have to install it ourselves.

If we are at 22.04 we do not have to do anything

Users who have already installed the first version of Ubuntu 22.04 do not need to do anything to bring their systems up to date. Simply by installing all the updates from the update manager, or with the apt command, we can have our system up to date. And by installing all these updates, our version will automatically be upgraded to 22.04.1. Nothing to format or install major updates.