Ubuntu alternative downloads, what can I download from here?

When we decide to install and use a Linux distribution on our PC, one of the most loved and used proposals is Ubuntu. There are many other open source operating systems that we can opt for, but this Canonical proposal is one of the most popular globally.

Ubuntu alternative downloads,

And it is that there are many users who prefer other solutions as the basis of their equipment instead of Microsoft‘s Windows. More so now that Linux operating systems are practically available to anyone in terms of usability. Things are not like before that this software was limited to the most experienced in this type of environment. Nowadays, any person not experienced in this type of systems, especially if they come from Windows, can handle a Linux distribution without problems.

Another thing is to try to get the most out of the operating system and benefit from everything it is capable of offering. In fact, one of the main advantages that the aforementioned Ubuntu presents us with is the ease of use that it offers us. In order to test all this that we tell you, we only have to download the corresponding image of the distro from its official website.

modo oscuro ubuntu

But in parallel, its developers and top managers offer us a series of alternative downloads to Ubuntu itself , which we will talk about below. Actually, we are referring to a series of additional software elements that the same firm offers us to complement the operating system. These alternative downloads that we are referring to will be of great interest to those who are regulars of the Canonical system who want to get the most out of it or try other editions.

Complement your Ubuntu distro with these alternative downloads

The first thing we should know is that we can improve and complement the open source operating system that we discussed on the official website of the distro . Let’s see what we will find here at the software level that can be useful to get the most out of Ubuntu on our PC.

  • Network Installer : here we find software that allows you to install Ubuntu over a network. It includes the minimum set of packages needed to download the rest through said network. This is useful if we have a PC that cannot run the graphical installer because it does not meet certain requirements. It is also useful for installing Ubuntu on a large number of computers at once.
  • BitTorrent : here we find the main Torrent client for P2P networks and compatible with various versions and editions of the open source operating system.
  • Other Ubuntu images : on this page that we are talking about now we can also have direct access to a multitude of system images. They belong to a good number of countries, specifically we will have at our disposal more than 400 ISO images.
  • Previous versions of the system : in the event that for some reason we need to install an old version of Ubuntu, here we find everything necessary. We found direct links to the download of old Canonical systems so that we can download them officially.