These two simple changes on Spotify make it sound better and louder

Spotify is the most popular and used streaming music platform in the world. This service, which is about to turn 15 years old, allows us to access its content from all kinds of platforms, from computers to mobile phones, including consoles and smart speakers, this being one of the reasons why this Swedish company continues to be the one that accumulates the largest number of paid subscribers without counting those who use it through the free modality with ads.

When it comes to enjoying Spotify on our computer, we have two options. On the one hand, we can use any web browser and connect to the Spotify website to use the integrated player, this being an excellent option if we do not want to have applications open in the background, although we will always run the risk of closing the browser and stopping the reproduction.

two simple changes on Spotify make it sound better and louder

The other option that Spotify offers us is to use the application for Windows, an application that allows us to enjoy a large number of settings to change the way in which we enjoy the music that it makes available to us. If we want to modify the experience while we enjoy our favorite music, we just have to make the following changes in the application settings, settings that are also available in the macOS version.

Audio quality

Within the Spotify settings available through the application, in the Audio quality section, we find the Streaming quality option. By default, it is set to Automatic, in this way, Spotify is in charge of downloading the music that is played, adjusting to the available bandwidth at all times to avoid interruptions in playback.

If we do not have problems with our internet connection and we want to substantially improve the quality of the streaming, we must click on Automatic and, from among the different options that are displayed, select the Very high option. This change will cause the application to consume more bandwidth, but nothing comparable to what Netflix, HBO or Disney+ can usually consume playing any type of content.


Change the volume

Another option that Spotify also makes available to us to enjoy music at a higher volume is also found within the application settings, specifically in the same section as the option that we have shown you above, Audio quality. The Volume Level option is displayed by default at Normal, which allows us to enjoy good playback quality without distortions. If we change this option to High , if we use very low quality speakers or headphones, it is likely that the distortion of these will become a problem.


Any changes we make to the application’s configuration options are automatically applied after a couple of seconds, so we can test if, by modifying both options, we are looking for the improvement in playback quality that we are looking for, as long as we use speakers or headphones moderately good and we don’t have wooden ears.