Turn your GoPro into a complete VLOG camera with these accessories

Turn your GoPro into a complete VLOG camera with these accessories

We have already seen how the GoPro HERO 10 is a very complete camera with which to record all kinds of videos, especially those where water and inclement weather have a special role. But it is in the day to day or in personal recordings where the camera limps in certain aspects. The solution? The brand itself has it, and it is this special kit for content creators.

The GoPro Creators Kit

GoPro Edicion Creadores

GoPro recently launched a kit with which to cover a function highly demanded by users of the famous camera. And it is that the image quality and the operation please the owners so much, that in the end it becomes a camera that they use for everything. But that is where they find the limitations.

Being a rugged camera, the audio recording leaves a lot to be desired, and while the audio is great for most situations (especially recording underwater), if we want to record conversations and narrated videos we get worse quality audio than it has nothing to do with what you get with an external microphone.

Well, that is one of the solutions that GoPro proposes with the multimedia module (compatible with HERO 9 and HERO 10), a chassis with a USB connector that includes an integrated microphone with which to capture better audio while recording with the camera. The microphone allows recording from both sides, so we can capture the sound of what we show in the image, or record our voice if we are narrating the scene.

Don’t record in the dark

GoPro Creators Edition

The other element that is included in the Kit is the Focus Module, a small and very practical LED torch that will illuminate the scene when we need it most. Do not expect to get lighting that will turn night into day, but it will be quite helpful in times when the light is poor, and I include total darkness, where we can see something that we did not see before.

This small accessory can be placed on the top or on the side of the multimedia module housing, so it is necessary to have the latter to be able to attach it to the camera. Inside it hides a battery with which to reach up to 6 hours of use (1 hour if we use the maximum lighting power), and it is recharged through a USB port.

Become a professional camera

GoPro Creators Edition

The third and last accessory that rounds off this GoPro proposal is the Volta grip. It is a very interesting accessory that functions as a handle, but which brings together features as interesting as those of a remote release, a tripod and an external battery.

It is basically one of the most important accessories, since it will allow us to record in a more stable and comfortable way, extend the autonomy of the camera by 4 more hours thanks to its integrated battery, and control our GoPro from a distance with the help of its connectivity. wireless. In addition, its folding legs help us to place the camera on any surface, allowing us to free our hands to continue with the action in front of the camera.

Are these accessories recommended?

GoPro Creators Edition

Those without a GoPro probably won’t be attracted by the overall outlay that all these accessories require, but if you already own the leading action camera on the market, these add-ons will completely transform your adventure partner.