Turn Your Xiaomi into an iPhone with Themes, Backgrounds and Icons

We all know that a Xiaomi is far from being an iPhone , no matter how much the price of the latest models of the Chinese company have grown to exceed 1000 euros. Similarly, an Apple phone is very different from one of the eastern manufacturer that sells the most mobile phones in our country.

But that does not mean that the users of the Chinese firm do not like to completely change the appearance of MIUI to bring it much closer to iOS, with its square icons, its control center, its notification management, its characteristic wallpapers and other graphic elements.

temas colores movil xiaomi

Luckily, the MIUI theme store, as well as the customization options that the brand’s operating system gives us, make it quite easy for us to transform our Xiaomi mobile into an iPhone , at least in appearance.

Is there any advantage to using these themes?

First of all, if you want to enjoy the advantages of iPhone, buy yourself an iPhone.

By installing a theme of these characteristics you will not find any advantage in the operation of your mobile. The only thing that you are going to change is purely the aesthetics, so you must take this into account. With iOS 14, those from Cupertino have improved the use of widgets and their implementation not only on the iPhone Home, but also on the lock screen and this is something that we can replicate with the guide that we show you below.

Dress up your iPhone Xiaomi, step by step

The most difficult thing at this point is to find the right theme for your mobile because among the Xiaomi themes application you will find too many that promise to bring the interface of the latest version of Apple’s operating system to your smartphone.

If you take a walk through the MIUI catalog you will find many, perhaps too many iPhone themes but the ones that offer a good result can really be counted on the fingers of your hand.

descargar temas miui xiaomi

Before starting you should know that we are going to work with the themes app, which is installed by default on your smartphone but which we can also access if we press and hold an empty area of the screen of your Xiaomi and select it. option from the menu that appears at the bottom.

Locate the topic ip14

The theme that is most similar to iOS 14, the most current version of Apple’s operating system, that we can find in your mobile theme store is called “ip14” and you must locate it in the upper search bar that appears at the top of the Themes app. Be careful, you should not choose the first of those that appear as a result, but the second. That is the one that you must apply on your Xiaomi by clicking on “Download” and then on “Apply”.

The advantage of this particular theme is that it will also allow us to work on the lock screen. On the announced paper, much remains to be done because this theme only gives us “the base” of what we need, sounds, wallpapers and some clock styles.

apariencia iOs 14 en Xiaomi

The official wallpapers of iOS 14, in case of not locating them through the themes app, you can download them from this link and adapt them to your Xiaomi.

Locate the iOS 14 icons

Unfortunately, MIUI by itself does not allow the installation of third-party icon packages and it is something that we have already talked about at length when we have written topics on how to customize the manufacturer’s mobiles. To install the iPhone icons on your mobile you will have to download an “extra app: Theme Editor For MIUI . It is a free app, with advertising of course, but it allows us to work with the icon packs that you burn. To transform the mobile Xiaomi on something similar to an iPhone, you will have to download from the Play Store iOS 14 Icon Pack .

To install the iPhone icons on your mobile, open Theme Editor For MIUI and click “Choose a theme”. Then select the one that we have installed in the previous step “ip14” and look for the option that allows you to “Import application icons”. Then select “Import full icon pack”.

By default you will not have any selected, so you must open the drop-down menu to find and choose the previously downloaded package: iOS 14 Icon pack . When you have done, click on done. Finally go back, select next, find the Finish button and click install.

iOS 14 Icon pack

What we have done is edit the “ip14” theme that we have downloaded from the themes app so now you will have to reopen the app to find a new version of the “ip14” theme ready to apply. This, instead of singing with the original icons, which little resembled those of iS, will have the new ones.

Bring the iOS 14 Widgets to your Xiaomi

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is the app that we are going to have to use, not to imitate the new iOS 14 widgets, but to simulate them. Unfortunately this is the step that is not free as it requires a payment or a subscription to Google Play Pass. Of course, it is one of the best customization tools for these elements for Android and also the iOS 14 thematic widget allows you to edit the clock, weather, physical activity , news and much more.

widgets iOs 14

After downloading the app, you must download this file that contains the already edited iOs 14 Widgets and click on an empty space on the mobile home page to open the customization screen. Select “widget”, scroll down to find the KWGT app and select the ones you want. Then you must click on ” Import ” to select the ones you downloaded from Google Drive.

Once imported, you will find them in the list of widgets in KWGT. Select the ones you want to have on the screen and you’re done. All the widgets are synchronized with the data they acquire from Google apps, such as Google Fit for information on physical activity, or the New York Times for news. However, you can configure the font from the KWGT app.

How are Widgets applied on the lock screen? As you know, Android does not have such widgets on this screen but again we can use third-party apps to achieve it. When you installed the item “ip14” you probably realized that, by default, it integrates some widgets but they are impossible to customize in type, orientation, position or size. To choose them you must return to the Themes app, access your Xiaomi account from the last icon on the right and select the option “Customize style”.