Turn on your Nintendo Wii U console right now or it will stop working

Nintendo‘s Wii U was one of the biggest commercial failures in the history of video game consoles, especially considering that its predecessor was the Wii, a video game console that was a commercial milestone in the 2000s. No However, the now-defunct system does not win for scares and ten years after its launch , a good part of the models of said console could stop working . Which is a shame, since many of its titles have yet to be ported to its current console, the Nintendo Switch.

The Wii U is a cult console, whose peculiarity was having a controller with a screen that many mistook for a laptop and allowed asymmetrical gameplay locally. However, the fact that each player has his own screen is something that is already achieved with online gaming and that is why the idea was stamped in his attempt to do something different like the original Wii was. However, the problem comes when we have games like Paper Mario Color Splash or Xenoblade Chronicles X, as well as the HD versions of the GameCube Zelda that have not yet had their conversion to the new console and a certain bug that has recently appeared could convert the console in a brick in perpetuity.

turn on your Nintendo Wii U console right now or it will stop working

Wii U consoles will stop working due to a hardware error

Specifically, the error is 160-0103 and it affects the internal flash memory in the Wii U Gamepad and not in the console itself, however, if we decide to return to the factory settings then we may find that the console stops working. work forever. And it is that what has been discovered is that with each storage chip, both within the controller with the console screen and in the same system from Nintendo, an Apple was marked and each of them has a code that corresponds to a model console.

Wii U

That is, if someone reballs the 8 or 32 GB eMMC chip and puts another one, if it does not have the code, the corresponding code from the Nintendo factories, then the console will not work. However, it seems that said code is not in a ROM and over time it is being deconfigured. In the end the consequence is clear, Wii U stops working and becomes a paperweight. And things get even worse if we take into account that the console has been out of production for years and the way to create these signatures has completely disappeared.

And no, this is not a bug in consoles that have been modified to play unauthorized copies, but an intrinsic hardware problem. In any case, today PCs already have enough power to be able to play titles for the console with the CEMU emulator. So if you want to preserve the games and continue playing with this ill-fated console, then it is an option.