Truths and lies about WiFi: 3 false things that everyone believes and 4 true

When talking about the WiFi connection , there are different points that it is better to clarify. More than anything, because a lot of information about it circulates on the Internet and, the truth is that not all of it is true or false. For this reason, we are going to clarify the truths and lies about this wireless connection so that you can clear up your doubts.

Three wireless lies

Truths and lies about WiFi

Let’s go first with the three lies that everyone, or almost everyone, thinks they know about the WiFi connection. In this way, from now on you will be able to know the true reality and you will not fall into the trap:

  • It is very easy to steal your WiFi

It’s not as easy as they say. More than anything, because when configuring the WiFi network with WPA-2 or WPA-3 it is quite difficult for them to access your home connection and steal your signal. In addition, we recommend that the password have at least 12 characters to further increase the security of the WiFi .

  • The only obstacle is the walls

Although everyone thinks that the walls are the only obstacle that makes it difficult for the connection coverage to reach all corners, the truth is that this is not the case. It is true that tiles, in bathrooms and kitchens, are one of the great impediments. But, other metals and dense materials also affect the WiFi signal . Even in an area with many electrical appliances, such as Smart TVs, computers, microwaves, etc., it will negatively influence the quality of the network. So there are many obstacles in between.

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  • Disabling mobile WiFi saves a lot of battery

Many think that they can save a lot of battery on their mobiles by turning off WiFi . However, with the latest software versions, Android and iOS, power consumption has been improved. So it is no longer worth deactivating it from the smartphone.

Four truths about WiFi

Once we know the big lies about WiFi that almost everyone thinks they know, it’s time to see the truths behind it related to this wireless connection that we have at home.

  • Old devices slow down

You may not know it, but if you have a mobile phone, tablet or other device that uses an old WiFi of the 802.11b standard , the truth is that the speed of the rest of the devices that we have connected to the home network will decrease. In addition to that it will also slow down the connection if you are in nearby channels.

  • Restarting the router improves the connection

Although it is not very common, the truth is that restarting the router from time to time will benefit the connection. More than anything, because like any device, a simple restart can be of great help. Therefore, by turning it off and on, we will be able to improve the WiFi speed .

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  • The 5 GHz band is faster.

The 5 GHz band is faster than the 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. It is a proven reality. Although, it will be of great help if we are near the router. If we are very far away, the ideal will be to connect to the 2.4 GHz band.

  • Place the router in a higher place

A high position will be more beneficial for the router’s WiFi signal. Although, it should not be attached to the ceiling, because in those cases the signal will be even worse. Ideally, it will be located in a central area of the house or in that area that gives more signal to the rooms where we are normally. In addition, his thing is that we place the router in a place free of obstacles. And, of course, never put it inside a cabinet or shelf.