Tricks to make your Keynote presentations original

Keynote is the application that includes Mac on their computers. Although it is not as well known as the PowerPoint application, the Apple version has very good features with which you will be able to achieve high-quality presentations. In this post we tell you some tricks to make your presentations even better.

Keynote is without a doubt the easiest way to create slideshows if you have a Mac. Its interface is very simple, just like Pages, so you won’t get lost using its tools. Although it is already a few years old, it is an app that can go unnoticed by users, but it has very good qualities to become essential in your day to day life.

Tricks to make your Keynote presentations original

Tricks you should use

Although there are many more, here are some of the tricks you can use to make your presentations original and unique.

  • Animate individual objects on slides: You may not have known this, but you can animate specific parts of slides. You’ll be able to animate objects as they enter the slide and move their position later. This feature gives you incredible control over when and where objects are displayed. You can animate a bulleted list to display one after another, or have an image bounce off the right edge of the screen. To animate objects as they enter the slide, select the object you want to animate, then click in the top right, where it says Animation. When you click, you will get a dropdown with all the options you have available. If there are multiple items you’ve given this effect to, you’ll need to select the order in which you want them to appear.
  • Move Objects Within Slides: To make your presentation more impactful, you can also move objects within slides . You can do this using the Action tool. On the particular slide, click on the object you want to move. Then from the sidebar go to the Action tab and select the Motion effect. The sectioned object will be duplicated, and you can move the duplicated object where you want it to end up. When moving it, you will see a line that joins both objects. This is the path the object will take while animating. By clicking on the line you can drag it from the center if you want to add a curve to the animation. From the sidebar, you can define the duration, delay and acceleration of the movement.

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  • Make your iPhone or iPad a Keynote remote: You can use your iPhone or iPad as a remote for your Keynote presentation if you want. On your Mac, go to Keynote, then Preferences, then choose Remote Controls. Click the checkbox next to Enable. Then, on your iOS device, click the remote control icon on the top toolbar and click Continue. Now, on your Mac, you will find your iOS device in the list of remotes. Confirm the passcode and the devices will pair. Once this is set up, you will be able to control the presentation as well as read the presenter notes as well.