Tricks to get more likes on Instagram

Tricks to get more likes on Instagram

Nowadays, being on Instagram is not enough to be fashionable. It’s also not enough to post eye-catching photos or videos from time to time. The ‘Likes’ , as a certain episode of Black Mirror well anticipated, are the ‘currency’ that we all want to accumulate on the social network and all users are obsessed with them.

The greater the number of likes, the greater the success and greater visibility. If you are not satisfied with the fact that your publications are only liked by some of your followers, you can increase the number of positive votes on your Instagram content by following these simple tricks.


3 tricks to get more likes

The importance of getting more likes on Instagram posts is paramount, so we recommend you follow these tips to double or triple them in a short time.

Little text and with originality

In an age where the only thing that is valued is copying other users (ahem, TikTok), Instagram continues to be firmly committed to quality visual content . Different studies of the platform indicate that the attention span on the social network is 8 seconds, the time in which your Instagram followers are not going to stop to read any type of word that appears in your image.

Also, when it takes time or effort to understand the caption, people lose interest . With nearly 100 million posts a day, you’ll need to strive to stand out from the crowd with high-quality images and videos. Play with the rules of thirds, the square format of the platform and the most stimulating colors to get good photos.

Mention other users

It’s no secret that we are all self-centered. As a result, users pay close attention to posts that mention them, them, or their brands. So, mentioning a profile in your post is a great way to get more likes, expanding the possibility for those accounts with more followers to share the content you’ve posted.


Of course, do not abuse this strategy or what you will get is that certain prestigious accounts end up ignoring or blocking you.

Use location and hashtags

If you want to get more likes on your Instagram videos or photos , it’s important to make sure that it’s not just your followers who see it. Also think about other people around you or who are looking for an interest in general. This is achieved by adding a hashtag that will depend on what you are uploading (for example, if it is a photo of a dog, try tags that allude to pets). Also, it’s quite helpful if you use tags in English to reach a larger audience (for example, #dog, #puppy, #dogsosinstagram, #instadog, etc.).

If what you want is to add a location, you just have to click on the Add location button, before publishing the post, just below the Tag people option.

Is it worth buying ‘likes’?

If you have come this far, surely you have seen that, on the Internet, there are many services that allow you to buy ‘Likes’ for your publications on the social network. Some people will recommend you to use them to gain more visibility, but we will never encourage you to do so.


Essentially, you pay a company that sells likes to provide this service with immediate results. All they need is your Instagram profile, your email address, and the posts you want to feature.

However, what nobody counts is that, although the number of “likes” rises, this does not have to be replicated in a greater visibility of the profile or the rest of the publications. In addition, these ‘likes’ are easily recognizable and any user can criticize you for benefiting from this strategy, which is highly frowned upon on the social network.

So, if you want to gain followers and boost the success of your photos or videos, better listen to the advice we have given you.