Tricks to gain power when gaming on your Realme

When it comes to enjoying playing with our Realme mobile the different titles that we can download for free from the Play Store, we may sometimes see that it works too slow. And when the different performance problems begin, the truth is that we will notice that fluidity is scarce, as well as the user experience is getting worse.

Luckily, in Realme mobiles there are a multitude of options with which we will be able to increase its power. In addition, we can both use the different customizations that its games space offers us, as well as other little tricks that will also help us to avoid “lagazas” or the odious slowness that can get to say goodbye to our favorite game. Therefore, these will be the settings that you should take into account if you want to improve the performance of the smartphone when you go to play.

Tricks to gain power when gaming on your Realme

What can you do with the Realme games space?

With this section, or mode, which is integrated into the mobile devices of the Asian firm through its own app, we will be able to adjust the phone so that its performance is superior. Or, at least, be as optimal as possible so that the experience while we play is the best at all times. In this way, this is what you should take into account every time you start enjoying video games on your phone. And not only this, but it will also help us to improve the user experience.

Adjust game modes

Thanks to this space, we will be able to improve the performance of our Realme phone when we are enjoying any title. In this way, we will improve our user experience by having greater fluidity at all times. To do this, within this software we will find three game modes :

Modos de juego Realme

  • Low consumption: with this alternative we will achieve that the terminal uses less battery when we are in a video game. However, it will be less profitable since the speed in its power will be lower, since it will be managed in such a way so that the power of the mobile device lasts longer.
  • Balanced: it is responsible for finding the perfect balance between optimal speed and a drain on the autonomy of the smartphone.
  • Professional gamer: it is aimed at all those users who want their smartphone to perform at full power. Keep in mind that the battery consumption will be much higher, but it will be the best option for the speed to be higher.

Speeds up your internet connection

If in your case it is not a power problem as such, but you do need to boost your connection speed, this space will also give us a quality boost in this regard. To do this, we have both intelligent dual channel acceleration and network acceleration . With the first option, we will get both the Wi-Fi network and mobile data to be used at the same time so that our connection is as fluid as possible.

As for the second method that this Realme software tool offers us, it gives a plus to the network connection. In this way, by having this function activated within this space, we will make it totally stable while we are playing on our smartphone. That is, we will ensure that the famous “ping” remains stable at all times, and is not going up or down all the time, affecting the fluidity of the connection.

Improve graphics when playing

With this function activated we must bear in mind that there may be a drop in the frequency of frames per second (FPS). However, if we achieve a good configuration between the different functions that it offers us, the performance will always be optimal . And it is that this option is responsible for improving both the quality, the texture and the color of the graphics of the game that we are enjoying. So the details of the design will have a much higher level than before, appreciating everything in a better way.

realme y mando de juegos

Customize your screen resolution

Within this space that the mobile devices of this Chinese brand have, we find a curious setting that we can activate every time we are playing. With this configuration enabled, we will achieve that this mode automatically adjusts the resolution of the panel of our Realme in order to save battery, that the phone does not overheat so much and, therefore, that the power of our mobile is not affected in any way moment. So it will be a good alternative if we combine it with the other options that we have presented previously.

Increase the performance of a Realme from the settings

Although the space we have talked about is oriented to the “gamer” world, the truth is that we also find other configurations that will help us achieve greater power in our mobile device. So it will not be necessary only to use the Realme game mode . We will even have it more at our fingertips, as we will only have to access our smartphone’s own settings. Therefore, the first adjustment will be by following these steps:

  1. Enter the smartphone settings.
  2. Access the battery section.
  3. Click on Performance mode.
  4. Select High Performance Mode .

rendimiento Realme

It must be taken into account that the speed of our smartphone will be much more fluid than before, but that in turn it will consume more energy. Therefore, if the autonomy of your phone leaves much to be desired, you can always choose to close the apps that you have open in the background. This will be the fastest method to try to restore the stability of your phone and improve the speed of the system. In addition, we will also achieve that the energy consumption is lower, since these apps will not consume resources.

A final alternative that the Asian smartphone brand itself recommends is that we have the least number of widgets. This advice will help us to improve the power of our mobile system, so while we play we will notice that the performance is more stable than before. And it is that, the more widgets we have, the consumption of graphic, energy and processing resources will be greater. Therefore, it will be more profitable to reduce its use to those that we consider essential in our day to day. It will also be a good idea not to have dynamic wallpapers so as not to influence their power while we are enjoying any video game.