Tricks so that the WiFi is not cut when downloading

We can say that having Wi-Fi failures is relatively common. The speed is not what we would like, there are cuts, some devices have more problems connecting… Of course, all this will depend on the installation we have, the access point, the distance… In this article we are going to give some tips to prevent the Wi-Fi cuts out when we download something from the Internet.

How to avoid Wi-Fi outages when downloading

Tricks so that the WiFi is not cut when downloading

Sometimes when trying to download a file from the Internet , especially when it is something that takes up a lot of space, we have problems if we do it over Wi-Fi. It may go very slow and take too long, but it could also happen that cuts appear directly and we cannot download it. But this can usually be fixed if we keep a few tricks in mind.

Improve coverage

The first thing we can take into account to improve Wi-Fi and prevent downloads from being cut off is to improve coverage. For this we can use some devices, such as PLCs, repeaters or Mesh systems. In this way we will be able to take the connection from one place to another.

The goal is that distance is not an impediment. It is a fact that as soon as we move a little away from the router, the speed and stability begin to decrease. But we can also improve this if we use the appropriate Wi-Fi band. The 5 GHz is the one that offers the highest speed, but is more sensitive to distance and possible obstacles. On the other hand, the 2.4 GHz one is the ideal one to connect far from the router. You can always improve the strength of the Wi-Fi router.

Concentrate resources

We can also avoid using other programs or devices at the same time that we are downloading over Wi-Fi. In this way we will ensure that the available bandwidth is fully used to download the files and thus be able to make the most of the resources without having to divide them.

If we have a limited Wi-Fi connection, it will be even more so if we have several computers on and consuming the Internet or if we are using other services at the same time, such as playing high-quality videos on YouTube or any similar platform.

Use a download manager

If you’re having issues with downloading things over Wi-Fi, one option is to use a download manager . If we use the one that comes with browsers like Chrome, for example, as soon as it stops, we have to start over. Instead, by using other alternatives we can avoid this.

A download manager allows you to download files in parts and even pause and resume. If there were any cuts, we would not have to start that download from scratch and we could continue where we left off, something that is really going to be very useful for downloading larger files.

Update all

On the other hand, to avoid failures with Wi-Fi, it is essential to always have the latest versions. This must be applied to the operating system itself, to the browser, but also to the network adapters that we use. In this way we will be able to make the most of the resources and not have problems.

Actualizar la tarjeta de red

In the case of the Wi-Fi adapter, we can go to Start, we enter Device Manager, we go to Network adapters and there we select the corresponding wireless network card. You have to click with the second mouse button and we click Update driver.