17 Tricks to Extend the Battery Life of Your Android

While you will remember, years ago the battery of our smartphone could last for whole days without recharging it. However, today we usually need to charge it several times and even carry an external pocket battery just in case our phone dies while we are not at home. Is there no way to solve this problem?

Luckily, there are a good number of tricks with which you can extend the battery life of your Android mobile and say goodbye to the long hours of charging. In today's article we will explain all of them in detail, we hope they help you.

Battery Life
Battery Life

1. Choose the correct performance mode for your mobile

In these times, it is normal for you to spend a lot of time away from home. In these situations, you need the battery of your mobile to last as many hours as possible. For these cases we recommend selecting a performance or energy saving mode that suits your needs.

Most Android phones have a power saving mode designed to extend battery life. To access the function, you will need to enter the settings menu of your mobile phone and then access the options of your battery. Depending on the mobile you have, the steps to access this option will vary.

If you are a Samsung mobile user, click on Settings, followed by the “Device maintenance” option.

Once in it, click on the “Battery” option and click on the “Performance mode” option. This will open a drop-down menu where you can choose between high performance, optimized, medium energy savings or maximum energy savings.

We recommend that you always select the “Optimized” mode, as it generates a balance between performance and battery life. If this is insufficient, select the medium or maximum mode.

2. Disable mobile data

If you have the mobile data network always active, it will dramatically decrease battery life. It makes sense: the data spends much more resources than the Wi-Fi connection… especially if you start downloading things.

To avoid the unnecessary expense of mobile data as well as to extend the use of your battery, it is recommended that as far as possible you usually disable this option and only connect to the Internet through the Wi-Fi network.

3. Deactivate the geolocation service

One of the star functions of mobile phones is its geolocation service. It allows you to share your location with colleagues and friends, guides you through the city, makes it easier for you to drive on the road ...

Geolocation Service
Geolocation Service

While this service is really useful, it consumes a large part of our phone's battery so it is highly recommended to disable it if you know that you will not use it or actively. Your phone will thank you.

4. Turn off Bluetooth and NFC data

As before, if you are not going to share a file or synchronize your device with another, it is recommended that you deactivate the Bluetooth data on your phone. Although its expense is not excessive, it is consuming the battery of your phone without offering you anything in return and in the long run, this makes a notable difference.

The same goes for the NFC data system. This technology is what allows for example to make payments with your mobile phone in stores through applications such as Google Pay. If you do not use this technology often, it is recommended that you deactivate it to avoid unnecessary use of the battery.

5. Disable the Google Assistant

It’s not necessary to have Google’s assistant activated forever. Although it may be useful at specific times, it consumes a lot of battery by always being active and listening to your conversations in search of the “OK, Google” command.

To deactivate the Google assistant, first open the “Google” application and access its settings menu. To do this, press the button with the three horizontal dots that you will find in the lower right corner of the screen. Once this is done, click on “Settings” (it is the gear icon).

Once this is done, click on the "Google Assistant" option and select the "Assistant" tab. Finally, click on the "Phone" option that you will find just below "Devices with assistant" and disable the "Google Assistant" switch.

If you have a Samsung mobile, you may also want to deactivate Bixby, the company's exclusive voice assistant.

6. Set the brightness of your screen correctly

We recommend that to increase the battery life of your phone, the brightness of the screen decreases a little, since the more brightness you have, the less your battery will last. Try lowering the slider to a medium and you will see how long your eyes and the battery of your phone will thank you.

Another interesting option to consider is to deactivate the adaptive brightness option of your mobile screen. This has been designed to automatically manage the brightness of the screen of your smartphone and consumes a lot of battery. To do this, access the settings of your Android phone and select the "Display" option. Once in this new menu, disable the “Adaptive brightness” slider.

Finally, we also recommend reducing the screen timeout. This option causes your smartphone to decrease the brightness of the screen after certain seconds of inactivity to later turn it off and thus save battery.

7. Disable unnecessary notifications

Most applications will request permission to send you notifications from time to time. It is recommended that you deactivate notifications of apps that you do not really need because they consume a large part of your phone's battery. Keep only those notifications that you consider essential for your day to day (email notifications, messaging apps, etc.).

8. Disable widgets

We all know that widgets are attractive and sometimes useful as they are always active on our home screen, however they consume a lot of battery. To earn a little more hour of life from your mobile, consider getting rid of them because they are unnecessary in the long run.

9. Avoid dynamic Themes

You might like to have an attractive mobile wallpaper that you can teach your friends. However, dynamic themes with screen effects, however attractive they may be, spend a good part of our battery. It is recommended that if you want to have a functional mobile and that it lasts you all day without charging it, avoid any dynamic wallpaper.

10. Choose a dark theme if you have an OLED screen

Much of the current mobile phones with OLED display offer the option of adding a “dark mode” to its interface. This converts the classic menus with white background to others with black background so that it is much easier to read when there is not much light.

When using an OLED screen, when the mobile shows black or very dark color, it does not drain battery in the same way as when it generates another type of color. However, before making any changes make sure your screen is OLED, otherwise this trick will not work.

11. Use Facebook sparingly

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most used applications in mobile phones and also one of the ones that consumes the most battery. It is recommended that if you do not want to uninstall it, learn to configure it efficiently so that it does not drain your battery in just a few minutes.

In the first place it is convenient that you deactivate the geolocation services of Facebook because in addition to being unnecessary, they consume a lot of battery. Also, be sure to disable automatic video playback. Finally use the app in moderation because as we have already told you, it drains a large part of your phone's battery.

If you can't live without Facebook ... why don't you try its Lite version? This consumes much less battery and allows you to access the service normally.

12. Disable automatic downloads

Google Play offers the possibility to automatically download any outdated application that we have on our mobile. While it is extremely important to have all our apps updated, it is advisable to disable automatic downloads on our mobile to prevent them from draining your mobile battery. It is better to download apps or applications manually, when you are at home.

To do this, open Google Play and swipe the screen to the right to see its settings menu. Once in it, click on the "Settings" option (it is the gear icon) and select the "Update applications automatically" option. This will open a new menu where you must press “Do not update applications automatically”.

13. Download Greenify

There are free apps like Greenify that exponentially improve the duration of your mobile.


Greenify is an app that analyzes your mobile and is able to locate and freeze any unnecessary apps that are running in the background and drain your mobile's battery. Once these problematic applications are located, Greenify puts them in a state of hibernation so that they do not consume resources, increasing the speed of your phone and at the same time improving the life of your battery.

14. Buy an external battery

If none of the above tips have worked, you can always choose to buy an external battery for your mobile. At present there are very small ones and you can easily carry them in any bag or pocket without any problem.

15. Avoid using your mobile in very cold or very hot places

The temperature extremes of both cold and heat are largely to blame a decrease in battery life of your phone. Never forget your smartphone in direct sunlight or for example, outside if it is very cold.

16. Locate and remove apps that waste your battery

Some applications make excessive use of your mobile phone's battery. If you are not going to use them often, it is recommended that you delete them as they not only take up space, but also use system resources as they are active in the background. We recommend that from time to time you access the settings of your mobile battery and check which applications are those that make the most use of it.

To check which apps, use more battery in your mobile phone, access its settings and, once in them, access your battery options. If you have a Samsung smartphone, you will find this option by clicking on “Device maintenance” followed by “Battery”.

Once in the configuration of your battery you can see the use made of it all applications. Both the actual usage time of the application will appear under the “Active” command and the expense it makes in the background. In this way you can locate unnecessary apps, manage their use and if you want to erase them from your mobile to improve battery life.

17. Use the mobile in moderation

To finalize this list, we just want to recommend that to improve the battery performance of your mobile use the smartphone in moderation. While the pace of life and the way we interact with the world has changed since the appearance of mobile phones, it is not necessary that we are using them at all times. Use your phone in moderation and when you really need it.

We hope that this list of tricks and tips will help you to significantly extend the battery life of your Android mobile. If you have any advice that you think should be on this list, please write it in the comments section.