Tricks so that the always-on screen of the iPhone 14 does not spend so much battery

The new iPhone 14 Pro has not only arrived with a new 48 MP camera along with the revolutionary Dynamic Island, but has also done so with a series of exclusive functions, such as the Always-on Display mode or always-on screen. A feature we’ve been seeing on Android for nearly a decade.

the always-on screen of the iPhone 14

The purpose of this option, as its name indicates, is to keep the OLED panel of the Apple mobile showing a permanent lock screen. So it’s quite easy to see new notifications or the current time. For its part, the American company affirms that the delay in introducing this feature has to do with the efficiency of the screen, since they have worked hard to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. To do this, they have equipped the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro with adaptive technology to reduce the refresh rate of the panel to just 1 Hz, although, equally, the percentage ends up going down a bit. However, it is possible to lower the drainage even more with a few simple tricks.

This mode consumes little battery

Apple guaranteed at first that this mode does not consume more battery than necessary, but the truth is that these words have little truth. The analyzes of the experts have shown that there is a decrease in autonomy, no matter how slight it may be . In fact, the colleagues of Phone Arena carried out a test to verify it.

iPhone 14 Pro

The result is quite clarifying, since on the first day they activated the always-on screen mode on the iPhone 14 Pro and the percentage dropped from 100% to 94% ; while, on the second day, the energy was not reduced by even 1%. Of course, both measurements were carried out in the same period of time. Regardless of this, if you would like to start using this function, but you do not want it to affect the battery, you will be interested to know that there are several ways to reduce consumption and here they are all for you:

Activate the “Dark lock screen” mode

Many users have complained that the Always-On Display mode of the iPhone 14 Pro screen is too bright. To such an extent that it has become a distraction for some individuals , although there is an option in the settings that, in addition to making this feature not so conspicuous, helps to use less battery. To do this you must do the following:

fondo de pantalla iphone 14 pro

  1. Open your iPhone settings.
  2. Within the “Do not disturb” section click on “Options”.
  3. Turn on “Dim Lock Screen” mode.

Use red colors

The truth is that you really do not need any hidden option within the settings so that the battery drain of the iPhone 14 Pro is less. Mainly, because you only need to set a background where the color red predominates . This is because the red color requires less brightness than blue or white, which consume the most.

modo concentración personalizado iphone 14 pro

The key is to create a custom Focus mode so that nothing changes except the background. For example, so that the battery does not suffer, the ideal would be to put a black background and the red interface.

Take advantage of situations where the feature is automatically disabled

The always-on screen function of the iPhone 14 Pro is not always on as such, as there are times when the mobile detects that it does not need to display the content and it will turn off automatically. This is perfect for not spending so much battery, so it is important that you know all the possibilities:

  • The iPhone is upside down.
  • Do not disturb mode is activated.
  • The iPhone is inside your pocket or bag.
  • Battery saving mode is enabled.
  • The phone is connected to CarPlay.
  • The iPhone detects that you have moved away by having your Apple Watch paired.