Trick to Turn off the Laptop Screen Without Closing the Lid in Windows

More and more users are choosing to buy a laptop instead of a desktop PC with Windows . The advantages of these devices are obvious, among which we can highlight the portability or the integrated screen, among other hardware components.

As we mentioned, there are many advantages that this type of equipment offers us with respect to desktop computers. These allow us to carry a computer from one place to another in a comfortable and simple way with all its components and applications. This is something that most of you have been aware of for a long time. In addition, these laptops do not stop improving.

Turn off the Laptop Screen Without Closing the Lid in Windows

But of course, not all are advantages here, since we can find ourselves with the disadvantage of the autonomy that these provide us. In fact, if we focus on everything related to the battery and the aforementioned autonomy of a laptop, in turn one of the components that most affects all this, is precisely the screen.

Control the laptop screen to increase its autonomy

Hence the importance of this panel in the battery life in one of these PCs, so we must have some knowledge of how to use it better. For example, it is recommended that we lower its brightness, something that makes us gain autonomy in an important way. This is something that we achieve from the Windows Taskbar itself, for example.

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Equally sure, it would be very appreciated if we could disconnect or turn off this specific element, as long as we do not need it. This is something that with a desktop PC with a separate monitor, it is very simple. But from a laptop like the ones we are talking about here, it is no longer so simple. In fact, the simplest solution in this case is to close the lid of the equipment. Of course, depending on how we have it configured, we could even turn off the operating system in its entirety. Be that as it may, this is not the best solution in these cases, something for which we are going to help you.

Turn off the laptop screen without closing it

At this point we will tell you that either for privacy reasons or as we told you, to save battery, we have a much faster system. This will allow us to turn off the laptop screen immediately, and without having to close the lid. For this we are going to use a trick in the form of a third-party application that will be very helpful. To give you an idea of what we are telling you, we can use the program called ScreenOff.

This is a free application that you can download from this link . In addition, its use could not be simpler and easier. It allows us to turn off the screen of our laptop with just a click of the mouse. For this we only have to download the compressed file and leave a direct access to the executable, for example on the desktop. At the moment in which we execute it, the program sends a VB command to the system that is responsible for turning off the screen, all of this immediately. For the screen to turn on again, for example we can press the ESC key.