Trick to reduce the brightness of your mobile much more

The eyes are one of those parts of the body that we must take maximum care of so that they do not suffer, something that with the daily use of screens is not so easy, since we have to continuously live with them. In this sense, at night with our mobile phone, it can be very common for our eyes to get tired or the brightness of the screen bothers us too much. For this reason, there is nothing better than dimming the brightness so that this does not happen again.

There are various methods by which we can carry out the dimming of the brightness, both in Android and iOS, there are various ways that can help us to tire our eyes less and we can preserve it in the best possible way.

reduce the brightness of your mobile much more

Android 12 has the solution

With the advent of the 12th update of the Android operating system, it also brought with it a feature that allows you to dim the brightness below the minimum that is actually set. To do this, a button was included in the control panel called ‘Extra Attenuation’ and that will allow us to lower the brightness of our mobile phone more than desired.

This can only be activated from the control panel of our phone and to activate it we have to keep our finger pressed on the quick access, adjusting the intensity of the brightness of the screen at that moment. We will also have the option of creating a quick access button on our home screen so that we can go faster when activating it.

atenuacion extra android 12

It should be remembered, in case it was not obvious, that this is a function that is available on most mobiles that have Android 12 installed and that use Android Stock , although there are many manufacturers that have adapted their customization layers to also have this tool

And on iPhone?

iOS has what could possibly be one of the most useful uses when it comes to dimming what we see on the screen. It will not lower the brightness of our phone as such, but what it will do is return everything we see on the mobile to a much more yellowish tone, something that the Cupertino company calls Night Shift .

To activate this mode we will have to go to the Control Center of our iPhone, sliding our finger from the upper right margin of the screen downwards and click on the Brightness options. Once we have these options on the screen, we will see three available buttons below , of which we will have to press the Night Shift button. After this we will see how our screen dims.

We can also go to the device settings and go to ‘Screen and Brightness’ to later go on to find the options for this function. With them in front, we will have the option of programming this mode so that it activates and deactivates instantly when night falls.

Reduce the brightness to the maximum with these apps

These are not the only ways that we will have to lower the brightness of our mobile phone or dim what we are going to see on the screen, but we will also have the option of using different apps so that our eyes suffer as little as possible.

In this sense, one of the most interesting apps is Night Owl , which brings about much more exhaustive control over the brightness than the mobile does. With it we can adjust the brightness directly from the screen and also, thanks to its night mode, it limits blue light in order to take care of our eyesight.

Together with Night Owl, we have the so-called Blue Light Filter and Night Light app, which, beyond controlling the brightness, what it will do is, as its name indicates, put different filters on our screen to control the colors and the light. There are from automatic filters to personal configurations with which we can adjust the different lights on the screens . In fact, we can also program it for every night, so we have a very versatile app.