Transform your Android mobile into a Nintendo DS without paying 1 euro

The evolution that technology has undergone in current smartphones allows us the luxury of downloading all kinds of applications and fully squeezing their capabilities. To such an extent that you can turn your Android mobile into a Nintendo DS to play the entire catalog of video games on the legendary portable console from the Japanese company.

We already anticipate that you will not have to pay a measly euro to be able to enjoy Nintendo DS games on your phone. This means that the application to start enjoying video games like Pokémon, Zelda or Super Mario is completely free. It has a paid version, but it does not include major changes to make it different.

Transform your Android mobile into a Nintendo DS

Your Android mobile is a Nintendo DS

Although it is true that DraStic is the best-known Nintendo DS emulator, although it is priced at 4.99 euros. Surely many are not willing to pay for a mobile app, so the best performing free alternative is SuperNDS Emulator , which you can easily find in the Android Google Play Store.

Its operation is quite simple and this is one of its main characteristics. All you have to do is download to your mobile the corresponding ROM of the Nintendo DS games you want for your smartphone. There are many platforms available on the Internet for this, so you just have to use the search engine.

emulador Nintendo DS Android

Once you have downloaded them, the procedure to start playing is very simple. SuperNDS Emulator for Android will look for the ROMs inside your files, although you can also do it manually. In this case, we recommend that you create a folder to include your games in order to have them accessible at hand.

If everything is in order, the games should appear along with the logo that represents them on the Nintendo DS. You just have to tap on the video game in question and you will automatically start playing. At first, the two screens will appear in portrait format, although you can change this setting by activating screen rotation on your device if it’s more convenient for you to do it horizontally.

An app full of options

Among the main features of this Nintendo DS emulator for Android stands out the possibility of executing all kinds of files without even needing decompression . This means that you won’t have to install RAR on your mobile to extract the corresponding games from the archive, since the app has the ability to access them without complication.

In addition, inside it hides a series of functions that are worth highlighting. To access them you have to enter the settings by clicking on the button with a line inside. This will display a menu with different options of which we are going to highlight two of them.

Emulador NDS Android

The first is “Cheats” that will allow you to enter cheats for the vast majority of Nintendo DS games that you can find on the Internet. The second is the settings, where you can activate parameters such as 3D rendering, screen filters and even edit the size and location of the buttons.

This allows a greater degree of customization to be granted to the user. It is important to note that entry-level Android phones may suffer from somewhat limited performance, so be careful when downloading some games.