Transferring Google Maps Locations to Waze: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you’ve received a Google Maps link or found a place on Google Maps but prefer to follow the directions in Waze, you’re in luck. You can easily get Waze to guide you to your destination, even if someone shared a Google Maps location with you or you’ve stumbled upon an exciting place on Google Maps. This can be especially handy if Waze is your go-to GPS app for its real-time traffic updates, speed camera warnings, and user-friendly interface.

Here are two effective methods to help you navigate to your desired location using Waze:

google maps to waze

1. Utilize Google Maps Coordinates

One of the most straightforward ways to direct Waze to a location you’ve discovered or received a link to on Google Maps is to copy and paste the GPS coordinates. Follow these simple steps:

a. Open Google Maps on your mobile device. b. Select the location you’re interested in or open the link that was shared with you.

c. Tap and hold your finger on the location within Google Maps.

d. You’ll see the coordinates displayed in the search bar at the top of the screen.

e. Copy the coordinates.

f. Now, open the Waze app.

g. Paste the copied coordinates into Waze’s location search bar.

h. Hit “search,” and Waze will provide you with directions to the specified location.

This method is efficient and ensures that Waze guides you precisely to the destination you want to reach.

2. Manually Enter the Address in Waze

If you’re exploring Google Maps and have identified a place of interest or received an address that you’d like to navigate to in Waze, you can manually enter the address in Waze’s search engine. Here’s how:

a. Open Google Maps and note down the complete address of the location.

b. Launch the Waze app on your device.

c. In Waze’s search bar, type the exact address you obtained from Google Maps.

d. Waze will present you with search results. Verify that the address you entered matches the one you want to navigate to.

e. Select the address from the search results.

f. Waze will provide you with turn-by-turn directions to the specific location.

If you encounter difficulty finding the address directly, try searching for nearby landmarks or businesses in Waze to get directions to the vicinity. Once you reach the general area, the navigation instructions will help you reach your exact destination.

With these two straightforward methods, you can seamlessly transition from Google Maps to Waze, ensuring you arrive at your desired location with ease. Whether you’re exploring new places or following a friend’s location, Waze has you covered.