Top Wireless Gaming Mice of 2024: Ultimate Precision and Comfort

For gamers who prioritize flexibility and comfort during long gaming sessions, wireless gaming mice are indispensable. The year 2024 has introduced an array of high-performance wireless mice tailored to different grips and gaming needs.

Whether you’re a professional eSports athlete or a casual gamer, here’s a detailed guide to the best wireless gaming mice available this year, categorized by grip preference and key features.

wireless gaming mouse

1. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

  • Price: €115
  • Features: Offers a remarkable 140-hour battery life and supports PowerPlay for continuous charging on a compatible mousepad. With a maximum DPI of 25,600 and customizable RGB lighting, this mouse is not only versatile but also visually striking. Optional programmable buttons enhance functionality, making it suitable for various gaming genres.

2. Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED

  • Price: €97.99
  • Features: Known for its lightweight design, this model boasts 25,600 DPI and 11 programmable buttons. It’s PowerPlay compatible, has long-lasting battery life, and includes RGB lighting. It’s a perfect choice for gamers who need a lighter mouse without sacrificing performance.

3. Logitech G Pro

  • Price: €99.90 (Discounted from €145)
  • Features: Favored by professional eSports players, this ultralight mouse offers top-tier responsiveness with 25,600 DPI, mechanical switches, and customizable RGB lighting. Its ambidextrous design and up to 8 programmable buttons via Logitech’s G Hub make it a top pick for competitive gaming.


  • Price: €126.99
  • Features: Especially designed for FPS gamers, this mouse features a maximum sensitivity of 26,000 DPI and a battery life of up to 120 hours. With 8 programmable buttons and optical switches for quick responses, it ensures precision and efficiency. Its 0.9 ms response time and compatibility with PCs and consoles enhance its appeal.

5. Corsair Scimitar Elite Wireless

  • Price: €149.99
  • Features: Ideal for MMO players, it offers 16 programmable buttons and up to 150 hours of battery life. With a 26,000 DPI Marksman optical sensor and 1 ms response time, this mouse is designed for gamers who require extensive button configurations and robust performance.

6. Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

  • Price: €157 (Discounted from €179.99)
  • Features: For those seeking extreme sensitivity, this model peaks at 30,000 DPI. It includes 11 programmable buttons, 13 independently configurable RGB zones, and a versatile scroll wheel with free and notched modes. Its high-grade optical sensor enhances its performance on any surface.

7. Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro

  • Price: Not listed
  • Features: At just 63 grams, this is one of the lightest mice available, making it ideal for those who prioritize speed and ease of movement. It features 30,000 DPI, optical switches, 90 hours of battery life, and 6 programmable buttons, catering to professional gamers who need uncompromised agility and precision.

Choosing the Right Mouse for Your Grip Style

Understanding your grip style—whether claw, palm, or fingertip—is crucial in selecting a mouse that feels natural and enhances your gaming performance. Each of the mice listed above caters to different grip styles and personal preferences, ensuring that every gamer can find their perfect match.


The evolution of wireless gaming mice in 2024 demonstrates significant advancements in technology and design, tailored to meet the demands of diverse gaming needs. From high DPI levels to extended battery life and programmable buttons, these mice offer a competitive edge in various gaming environments. Whether you’re involved in intense FPS battles or strategic MMO games, there’s a mouse on this list that’s engineered to enhance your gaming prowess.