Top Free Apps for Writing Documents on Your Phone

The mobile phone is not a very convenient device to work on, especially for writing documents; however, it might be convenient for sharing quick ideas and/or editing documents prior to their submission or presentation. We’ve gathered a list of the best apps that allow you to create documents of the type Word on your phone; each of them has its own peculiarities that can be useful for a particular user.

The following the are top five applications for writing documents on the smartphone.

documents apps

1. Google Docs

Why It’s Great:

Cloud Sync: This means that your documents will be saved to google drive instantly, thus you not losing any document as well as you have access to the document from any device.

Easy to Use: This program has an ordinary interface which is easy to use for writing and editing of documents like the Word program.


Google Docs on the Android Google Play Store.

Google Docs for Apple now available in App Store.

2. Microsoft Word

Why It’s Great:

Familiar Interface: The mobile Word app is also structured in a way that is similar to the desktop version that is why the desktop users of Word need not familiarize themselves with the new interface again.

Free on Mobile: I find the editing/ writing interface of the mobile apps free.


MS Word: Word Processing for Android on Play Google.

Microsoft Word On Appstore.

3. Writer Plus

Why It’s Great:

Minimalistic Design: A good writing tool with a minimal layout that allows for distraction-free writing.

Basic Features: It can support text in headings, fonts, and lists and can be used for brief texts or notes.


Writer Plus on Google Play

This is the second platform through which customers can access such an application Writer Plus on Google Play This is the second platform through which customers can access such an application.

4. OfficeSuite

Why It’s Great:

All-in-One: Provides seamless integration for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF functions.

Cloud Storage: Allows five gigabytes of cloud based storage to save your paperwork.

Feature-Rich: Lots of options for configuring the text and the document appearance.


OfficeSuite on Google Play

OfficeSuite on App Store

5. LiteWriter

Why It’s Great:

Versatile Use: It can be used as more than a note-taking app similar to Google Keep with the capability of being a document writer.

Customizable: Provides characters with different writing styles, symbols, and images and the opportunity to write the sheets to the background.

Statistics: Docs allow monitoring document-based statistics to track the process of writing progress.


LiteWriter on Google Play


All these have their unique features aimed at meeting the different needs of writers. It will allow you to sync with a cloud, use a friendly interface, focus on nothing else but the content, provide extensive functionality, or have versatile note-taking – whichever of these features you desire the most. Try one today to elevate the writing on your phone.