How to Bypass Netflix’s Simultaneous Screen Limits with This Simple Trick

Most streamers also tend to minimize the number of ‘sims’ – the number of concurrent devices that can access the platform via a single subscription plan. This can be annoying to those who use the Netflix platform especially when everybody wants to view content at the same time.

Netflix iphone

Netflix currently offers three plans, with two different options for simultaneous screens:

Standard with Ads / Standard Account: 2 screens I also wanted 2 screens .

Premium Account: 4 screens

But what if you need more of them?Here’s an interesting solution to the above problem through which you can easily book more than the above mentioned limits.

The Solution: Note for offline events: If an event is taking place offline and the audience will download the content in advance, this means that they will download the content at a certain time before the actual event.

Using a downloader to save content is another strategy that can be used to overcome Netflix’s simultaneous screen restrictions. Here’s how it works:

Download Content: If you download movies and TV shows on a device before a trip, you can watch them in an offline mode. The reason why Netflix does not count offline viewing is that the device is not connected to the internet and so the person can watch at the same time without being limited on the screen.

Device Compatibility: Supported devices for downloads include: .

Use Windows 10 or Windows 11 computers.

Android phones or tablets

iPhones or iPads

Amazon Fire tablets

Google Chromebooks

Note: Operating systems such as smart TVs and gaming platforms like PlayStation 5 do not support downloads.

Netflix Downloads: How To ‘Save’ Content to Watch Offline.

Open Netflix: Open the Netflix app in the compatible device.

Find Content: Look for the movie or TV show you want to download by browse or search.

Download Button: A download button in the form of an arrow pointing downwards is to be found next to the content in question.

Download Limits: Know that accounts with ads may support as much as 15 downloads per device per month.

After downloading once can view the content without the internet hence saving the online screens for other viewers.

Advantages of This Method

Unrestricted Viewing: Gives a permission to other users to view the downloaded contents without interfering the screen limit.

Convenience: Ideal for traveling or if there is poor or no connection to the Internet.

Device Flexibility: Offer different devices for offline content viewing.

Limitations to Consider

Expiration: Downloads eventually expire after some set periods of time. It is also important to monitor and update your references to ensure they do not expire.

Storage: Have enough memory space on your device for downloading contents.

Content Restrictions: It has been noted with some content not being downloaded due to license issues.

Instructions for Running This Trick.

Plan Ahead: Choose which content you would like to download according to what you and other people in your household might like to see.

Download Before Peak Times: before watching a group of titles, users should download their content in advance.

Offline Viewing: Enjoy viewing downloaded content using your device offline. This will not be considered as a violation of the concurrent screen policy.

Manage Downloads: Keep updating your downloads every time for new fresh contents and to avoid expiry.

Practical Example

Standard offers two screens, but if two families watch different programs at once, there will be four screens in the house. Here’s what you can do:Here’s what you can do:

Two Members Watch Online: Two members of must be allowed to use the online screens.

Two Members Watch Offline: The other two can view downloaded contents in their devices.

Rotate Downloads: Continuously switch and change the content that is being downloaded to make everybody satisfied.


In essence, such a strategy gives you an upper hand of circumventing the simultaneous screen limitations that Netflix may place on its content. This method is simple and effective and will allow everyone in your home to access their favorite shows and movies without having to wait for a particular program. On the same note; just be careful about the files you download and happy viewing!