Top 7 Budget-Friendly Smartphones for 2023 Under €200

Looking for a new mobile phone that won’t break the bank? You can enjoy the latest features and innovations without compromising on quality and design, all for less than €200. We’ve scoured Amazon, Pc Componentes, MediaMarkt, and numerous other stores to bring you our top picks for the best smartphones available in 2023 on a budget.

Today, it’s not uncommon to find smartphones in the sub-€200 range that offer impressive features such as large, high-resolution screens, quality rear and front cameras, long-lasting batteries, speedy processors, ample internal storage, and fast, reliable connectivity. Best of all, these devices come with the assurance and service of reputable tech stores.


Here are our top recommendations for the best smartphones under €200 in 2023:

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 12: The Mid-Range King

  • Key Features:
    • Powerful performance
    • Elegant design
    • Great value for money
  • Price: Starting at €187

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11: A Fantastic Budget Option

redmi note 11 bargain offer

  • Key Features:
    • Good battery life
    • Modern design
    • Excellent value for money
  • Price: Starting at €132.21

3. Oppo A94: The Epitome of Elegance

Oppo A94 5G

  • Key Features:
    • Elegant design
    • Above-average camera performance
  • Price: Around €199

4. Samsung Galaxy A14: A Balanced Choice

  • Key Features:
    • Complete operating system
    • Functional camera
    • Affordable price
  • Price: Less than €170

5. Nokia G21: The Budget-Friendly Option

  • Key Features:
    • Very affordable
    • Impressive screen
    • Decent cameras
  • Price: Starting at €137.89

6. Poco X5: Power Meets Affordability

  • Key Features:
    • Very powerful
    • Attractive design
    • Outstanding battery life
  • Price: Starting at €204.14

7. Realme 9i: The Value Pick

  • Key Features:
    • Affordable
    • Headphone jack
  • Price: Less than €150

These smartphones offer a range of features and capabilities, and your choice will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Keep in mind that while budget smartphones may have some limitations in terms of performance and camera quality, they also come with advantages such as affordability and accessibility to essential features.

Whether you prioritize performance, design, or value for money, there’s a budget-friendly smartphone on this list that’s perfect for you. So, go ahead and explore your options to find the ideal smartphone to meet your needs without breaking the bank.