Top 6 Laptops & PCs to Choose for Effective Programming

Regardless of his level of experience, any programmer cannot do without the essential element for work – a powerful laptop or PC. This article is about the Top 6 Best Laptops and PCs for Programming in 2021.We will discuss the devices suitable for programming, web design, game development, etc., regardless of whether you do it for work, study, or pleasure.

The notebooks and PCs featured on this page were chosen not only because of their power but also because it is convenient to program them for hours on end. That means excellent keyboards and touchpads, as well as large, high-quality screens.

Statista website predicts 277 million laptops will be shipped in 2021, and about 160 million tablets will be shipped in the same year. In 2025, laptop shipments are projected to drop slightly to 272 million units.

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1. Dell XPS 15 (2020)

Best laptop for programming in general.

It’s thin and lightweight, which means it not only looks and feels like a premium laptop for programming, but it’s also easy to carry around. The high-performance processor (and even graphics cards in some configurations) of the Dell XPS 15 can compile code incredibly quickly, making it ideal for programmers. Also, if you choose the model with a GPU from Nvidia, you can test your games while encoding them.

2. Workstation HP Z4 G4

This workstation boasts excellent performance and component precision. It features an upgradeable Intel Xeon® W-2123 processor to meet all your coding and programming needs while delivering high-quality mobile and web development processing.

In addition to many customizable features, the HP Z4 G4 Workstation offers unsurpassed security features. These security measures are essential for any programmer working in highly secure cybersecurity and data protection areas.

3. Apple MacBook Air

Updated laptop for programming.

More powerful, thinner, lighter, and more affordable, the MacBook Air now comes with the same Apple M1 chip as the Pro, which means it’s excellent for programming. Forbes writes that Intel is no longer an option for the MacBook Air because the chipmaker has lost the performance-per-watt battle with Apple’s internal silicon, the M1, the more powerful A14 silicon used in the iPhone 12 and the latest iPad Air.

4. Huawei MateBook 13

It is a versatile, affordable laptop with excellent performance. The Huawei MateBook 13 is a great solution for programmers on a budget. For a relatively low price, you get all the power of a Core i5 or Core i7, a crisp, bright 13-inch high-resolution display, and plenty of SSD storage.

5. HP OMEN 30L Desktop GT13-0395xt

PC – for programmers who spend their leisure time playing games.

The HP OMEN 30L Desktop PC GT13-0395xt is more than just a stunning gaming PC; it is also one of the best PCs for game development and application programming. The powerful Intel Core ™ i9-10850K processor allows you to complete tasks of any complexity.

6. LG Gram 17 (2021)

Best Large Screen Laptop for Programming

It is a nice option if you need a laptop with a large screen for encoding. It has a gorgeously high-resolution screen with a large size that gives you plenty of room to work. And, it is pretty lightweight and has a good battery life indicator. It is an option for those with a budget to purchase a performance model that is not the lowest price.


Programs today are becoming more complex and more powerful; it is essential for a programmer that the device on which he works meets modern programming trends. When you have a dedicated software developers team, you can quickly achieve your goals if you have great computers for your team.

Which laptop or computer to choose are depended on the area of ​​your work. However, this article can already help you decide in favor of a modern and powerful tool for work and play.