Top 5 FaceTime Features

One of the applications that have been conceived, designed and developed by Apple and that users use the most is FaceTime. In addition, not long ago, the Cupertino company gave it a touch of fresh air by incorporating new features. For this reason, in this post we want to talk to you about which are the 5 best from our point of view.

FaceTime features you have to use

Top 5 FaceTime Features

FaceTime is the application that the vast majority of Apple users use to be able to make video calls with other people who also have equipment or products from the Cupertino company. It has never stood out for having really amazing functions, until in one of its latest updates, Apple introduced a series of improvements that, without a doubt, have made this application one of the best alternatives for virtual meetings. Here are our five favorites.

  • One of the most prominent features that surprised all users when Apple announced it was the possibility for users who do not have Apple devices to join a FaceTime call through a link shared by the meeting organizer. This undoubtedly helps to increase the number of occasions in which this service can be used to make a video call, despite the fact that some of the members do not have any equipment with the apple logo.

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  • Having the ability to share screen was something that should have been in this app a long time ago, but thankfully, better late than never. In addition, in this case you will not only be able to share your computer screen, but the Cupertino company will also allow you to share the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod, something that will come in really handy especially on occasions when want to explain how to perform an action on these devices.
  • A function that is really fun and that brings a very dynamic and different touch to FaceTime is the fact that you can use memojis . These will completely cover your face and will make the same gestures that you are making. Functionally it does not add anything new, but it is really fun to use them.


  • On many occasions, video calls have to be carried out in environments that are not as suitable as possible for it, so having the opportunity to blur the background will be great for you to have a much cleaner and more adequate image, especially in the cases that we have discussed where the location does not help.
  • Finally, and this function must be valued because it is one of the differences between FaceTime and other applications, it is the possibility of treating the sound picked up by the microphones of your Mac , iPhone, iPad or iPod. Apple has included a feature that will allow you to completely isolate the noise around you, so that the rest of the members on the call only hear your voice, and not all the noise that may be around you. The results are really incredible and sometimes it is hard to believe that certain strident sounds that you hear perfectly are not being heard by the rest of the people present in the video call.