Too Much Network Security also Puts You at Risk

Network security is very important and must be preserved. There is no doubt about this and more and more users are paying close attention to the different tools they can use to avoid putting their equipment at risk. Now, can excess safety become a double-edged sword and actually be a problem? According to a new report that we echo the excess security, having too many tools to protect us on the Internet , can actually be a problem and compromise our devices.

Excess security also leaves us unprotected

You might think that the more security tools we use, the safer our equipment would be. However, this is not what a report made by ReliaQuest shows. They report that an excess of security tools, something that many organizations carry out, is actually a problem. We are, in short, facing a double-edged sword that could compromise our systems and be a serious problem.

This mainly happens since we are adding more complexity to our systems without really obtaining any benefit for our security. This report reveals that especially companies make a large investment in technology to improve security, but in reality much of that technology does not help. They indicate that almost 3 out of 4 companies invest in new security technologies.

They report that 71% of these companies do not implement the acquired security technology well. This means that although they invest a lot of money and resources to improve security, they are not really taking advantage of that investment. Moreover, they indicate that having an excess of security are really leaving devices unprotected by a bad application.

According to this ReliaQuest report, 53% of companies have passed the limit between adequate and excessive in terms of cybersecurity tools. This, according to the report, means that they are at greater risk since it affects them negatively rather than helping to protect themselves.

Demasiadas herramientas de seguridad

It affects both companies and private users

But this is not something that only affects companies, but it is also very present among users . There are many who believe that having more than one antivirus, using many security tools and add-ons can prevent the entry of viruses and threats. We must bear in mind that not all the security tools we find really act correctly and will protect us.

In this sense, the ideal, according to experts, is to concentrate security measures on tools that really act correctly and are guarantees. There are many free antivirus and add-ons that ensure that they can protect us on the network but that they can really turn against them. That is why it is essential to spend time choosing what security software we really need.

In short, protecting our systems is very important if we do not want security problems. However, we must bear in mind that an excess of security tools and software can also turn against and act as a double-edged sword.