To update or not to update your iPhone to iOS 16.4?

The iOS 16.4 update for all Apple phones compatible with the firm’s operating system is finally here. Along with a ton of new features for the iPhone , early complaints have also started to flourish around this new software.

In addition, although Apple does not give many details about what has been fixed in iOS 16.4, there are also important security reasons to update to this version of the operating system, because the iPhone update fixes 33 vulnerabilities, some of them very serious.

To update or not to update your iPhone to iOS 16.4

Reasons to upgrade: new features

Apple has focused on some key improvements for iOS 16.4 including push notifications for web pages and, of course, a new list of emojis that we can use in messaging apps.

But, although these are the most striking innovations present in the software for Cupertino’s mobile devices, there is much more hidden in the new operating system. This is everything we found in iOS 16.4 :

  • 21 new emojis, including animals, hand gestures, and objects, are now available in the emoji keyboard.
  • Notifications for web apps added to the home screen.
  • iOS 16.4’s voice isolation for mobile calls prioritizes your voice and blocks out ambient noise around you.
  • The Duplicate album in the iOS Photos app extends support for detecting duplicate photos and videos in an iCloud Shared Photo Library.
  • VoiceOver app support in the weather app.
  • New iOS 16.4 accessibility setting to automatically dim video when light flashes or strobe effects are detected

In addition to these new features, we’ve added a number of bug fixes that make your phone safer to use and fewer performance issues.

  • Fixed an issue where child purchase requests might not appear on the parent’s device.
  • Fixed issues where Matter-enabled thermostats could become unresponsive when paired with Apple Home.
  • Fixed 33 major security vulnerabilities.

Reasons not to update: the bugs of iOS 16.4

Beyond all these new features , the operating system drags the odd bug that was already present in the beta version of iOS 16.4.

As usual with the arrival of a new update for the iPhone, the battery is usually one of the elements to keep an eye on . After installing the new version of the software, there are many users who have begun to complain that the autonomy of the device has been reduced.

Imagen del usuario de twitter
@theapplehub iOS 16.4 definitely has battery issues
March 29, 2023 • 07:19



An error that has been with us since previous versions of the operating system also reappears. It causes that, when we charge the terminal, the smartphone turns off and does not turn on until after a couple of hours of charging . Apparently some users have encountered this annoying error that apparently disappeared with iOS 16.3, in the new version of iOS 16.4.

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My iPhone 14 Pro Max started working again! Apparently nothing was wrong, including the battery. There’s a known bug on IOS 16.2 – 16.4 where the iPhone shuts off and doesn’t turn on/charge for a couple hours later or when it’s ready to turn on/charge again. Yikes. 😬
March 28, 2023 • 23:53



It is to be imagined that as the days go by, the small patches that accompany this version of iOS will cancel out these problems.

In general, given the security measures that the software incorporates and that not all users have suffered from battery and charging problems, we do recommend updating your iPhone to iOS 16.4.