Tips to Save Electricity in the Office – Reduce Electricity Bill

In the day-to-day life of any entrepreneur, there are certain costs that are difficult to reduce, however, there are others such as office electricity costs that, with a series of tricks and some discipline, are very easy to drastically reduce.

We have written this article for you in which you will find a series of keys that, if applied correctly, we are sure that they will help you reduce your bills and be able to invest that money for other purposes.

Tips to Save Electricity in the Office

Tricks to save electricity in the office

Next, you will find 7 tips with which to reduce electrical costs in your office. You will see that some require a little more effort, but most are habits that you can easily incorporate into the rhythm of your office.

Turn off computers when you’re not using them

It is very common that many workers do not turn off their pc when they leave the office. It is essential to do pedagogy with them so that they do not leave them on and that, at least, the screen is turned off whenever they go to eat or have a meeting in which they do not use the computer.

This type of consumption called phantom is not usually given much importance and after a year it can become a considerable sum that we can save without any effort.

Control the cost of air conditioning

Summer is approaching and with the good temperatures we all like to be cool at work and not have to work sweating. Don’t worry, you don’t have to turn it off, these tips will be enough to avoid scares you at the end of the month:

  • Check before buying that it has the energy efficiency certificate.
  • Do not go down from 24º-26º. The ideal is 5º below the outside temperature.
  • Check the filters every quarter.
  • Activate, when possible, the eco mode.
  • Isolate your office so as not to demand a greater effort from the device.

Say yes to natural light

When you go to rent an office, see that it has natural light because this will allow you to reduce your electricity consumption and, therefore, lower costs.

Anyway, it has happened to all of us that out of habit, despite the fact that there is enough natural light to work, we also turn on the electricity. We encourage you to be disciplined in this regard and only use it when it is essential.

Hire an inexpensive electric company

It is fine to use natural light or check your air conditioner regularly, but this will be of little use if you are in an electric company with which you pay more.

At Gana Zone we are known for, in addition to offering renewable energy and being experts in the sector, offering rates at cost prices with which you will always have the security of paying only for what you consume.

We recommend that you find out about them here and, if you decide to hire, the normal thing is that you will be able to reduce your bill significantly.

Check your bulbs

We know, it’s a bit lazy. Of course, we assure you that if you have old bulbs and you change them for LEDs or any other low-consumption one in the medium and long term, you will notice the difference.

Do you have the right power?

In Gana Zone this detail is not a problem because we would review it with you, but in many offices the contracted power is excessive and that increases the cost of the bills. Therefore, it is important to check your bills to know how much power your electrical needs really require and lower it if you are not using it.

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Hold a meeting with employees

It may seem like a waste of time, but we assure you that if you dedicate half an hour every x time to educate your workers about the importance of being more efficient, you will appreciate it.

In addition to meetings, you can also print information on good habits and distribute it around the common areas of the office. The key is that all of you achieve the objectives set.

We trust that these 7 tips have been of great use to you and you will start saving very soon. For any questions, you already know that in Gana Zone we will be happy to help you.