Tips to improve Safari performance

Safari is the primary browser that comes pre-installed on all Apple devices. While it’s already a great browser, there are ways to optimize its performance to enhance the overall user experience even further. In this post, we’ll explore the steps to maximize Safari’s capabilities on a Mac.

Safari mac

Safari in Pro mode

Although some of the tools we’ll be discussing are already familiar to many Safari users, there are likely to be others that will be useful for both long-time and new users of the browser.

Updates and extensions

Keeping Safari updated is essential for optimal performance and security on Apple devices. Regularly updating the browser with the latest security and performance patches can help improve the browsing experience and prevent potential security vulnerabilities.


In addition to that, we should mention extensions, which are designed to improve our workflow’s performance, but excessive use of them can have the opposite effect. To remove or disable some extensions, you can go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions.

Clear cache, cookies and animations

Cache and cookies can sometimes slow down browsing performance or cause privacy concerns. In Safari, it is important to manage them regularly to optimize the browsing experience. To clear the cache, users can navigate to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage website data and delete the cached files. For clearing cookies, users can go to Safari > Clear History and select an appropriate time interval.


It is important to note that having too many windows open on a computer with limited resources, such as a 12-inch MacBook or a MacBook Air from several years ago, can cause a slowdown of the device. To improve the performance and organization of your favorite browser, it is recommended to only have open the windows that you need to use.

The big bookmark problem

Bookmarks are a useful feature that allows users to quickly access frequently visited websites without having to perform a search every time. They can also be used to save important web pages for future reference. However, having too many bookmarks can lead to a cluttered interface and slow down the browsing speed, particularly on resource-intensive sites such as Sketchfab or ArtStation. It is recommended to organize bookmarks into folders and only keep the ones that are necessary for your work or daily use.


Another solution is to use bookmark folders to organize your bookmarks and keep them from cluttering your browser. You can create folders for different categories, such as work, entertainment, and news, and move your bookmarks accordingly. To create a bookmark folder, go to Safari > Bookmarks > Add Bookmark Folder.

Content blocker

Safari provides users with tools to block advertising content, which is especially useful for web pages that use Google advertising or low-quality ads that can cause slow browsing and poor page quality. To avoid this, you can go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Content blocker and enable the function.

That’s correct. AdBlock is a popular third-party extension that can be installed on Safari to automatically detect and block ads on web pages. It can remove banners, pop-up windows, videos, and other types of ads, thus providing a clean browsing experience without the need to close advertising tabs.