Tips to ByPass Firewall Issues and Other Internet Blockages

Firewall. Many people are familiar with this security feature in one of the settings in Windows. This function is usually shown with the red bricks icon that can be found inside the control panel. The Firewall works as the security of the system in a computer is essential to protect the device from security risks.

If you are not familiar, don’t worry because, in this article, we will thoroughly share what Firewall is and how to bypass some of its issues. So, let us start with the explanation.


Definition of Firewall

A firewall itself is a security system that is stored to protect your computer from various threats on the internet network. This security system works like a visual wall that limits the network on a computer. With this function available, you can limit the traffic of data, information, and activities that are compiled in a computer network.

This security system is divided into two types: hardware and software. These two different systems have different settings and configurations. However, its function remains the same, which is protecting the network security.

What Is It For

Use of Firewalls in world computer networks is mandatory. It can give us several benefits, including:

Protecting Your Personal Data

The Firewall also works as an internal data partition with wide network access. With this security system existing in your computer, hackers and other restricted users cannot access the data on your computer.

If the computer does not have a security system, the data on the computer is very vulnerable to being hacked and stolen.

Blocking Unwanted Content

Apart from blocking unwanted messages, this system can also block websites or content from specific website addresses. You can set it manually so that access to the website is not allowed anymore. This could be beneficial to parents who want to limit their kids’ internet usage.

Internet Blockage Problems

Windows Firewall does not entirely block all programs on your windows ten from accessing the internet. But most of the time, the Firewall can block access completely, even without our recognition. This may cause several problems, notably internet blockage. This issue doesn’t allow users to connect to the internet at all, which is very troubling, especially for those working online.

That’s why we want to share a way you can eliminate this issue if something similar happens to you. But first, you need to diagnose whether Firewall issues cause the internet problem or not.

How to Bypass Firewall Issues

Windows firewall will not completely stop your internet access because it is a system that only allows traffic between networks as long as the traffic is considered safe.

But , sometimes firewall will block the traffic completely, not letting you connect to the internet.

If the problem occurs, you could solve the problem by using the Windows Network Diagnostic Troubleshooter.

At that time, you will find a message stating that Windows Firewall has stopped or prevented internet connection to your computer (“The windows firewall rule HSS DNS leak rule blocking your connection”).

The message may appear because of troubles happening in one of your computer programs. Since you may find a lot of installed programs, finding troublesome ones is complex and time-consuming.

Therefore in this post, we will provide tips that might help stop the windows Firewall from blocking your internet connection.

Method 1 – Allow Features Through Windows Firewall

There are times when you want a program or several applications on your PC device to access the internet and to do so, and you can activate it through the windows firewall. Here are the steps you can take:

  • Open Windows Security.
  • Open Firewall and Network Protection
  • Click ‘allow an app through Firewall’
  • Select your search engines (Google Chrome, Firefox, or others)

Method 2 – Uncheck DNS HSS both privately and publicly

You have to follow the exact instructions as in the method we mentioned earlier above.

  • Go to Windows Security
  • Select the allow an app through firewall option
  • Click Change Settings.
  • You can go down and find “the option HSS DNS leak rule” among the list of applications.
  • After seeing it, you uncheck this option for Public and Private.

If this method indeed works, you need to protect yourself even when you already have Firewall. To be safe on the internet, use a Virtual Private Network servers to keep your data secure.

Method 3 – Disable Windows Firewall

If the two methods above don’t work, the following method to solve the Windows firewall problem stopping your internet connection is to disable the Windows Firewall entirely.

This method is not recommended to anyone because we consider Windows Firewall the best and free antivirus, the primary solution for protecting your computer. But, it could be your only way. If this method works, you can turn it on again after you’re done using the internet.

Alright, if both methods above don’t work and you find that access to the internet is still blocked, the best option for you is to check if disabling the Firewall can solve the problem for you. The first step is to access Windows Security again, choose Firewall and network protection, then disable the Firewall for all the options.