Tips to Boost Traffic on Tik Tok

tiktok celebWhat makes someone successful on TikTok? If you don’t know how the platform works, it can seem like gaining a following is mostly a matter of luck. However, it’s actually due to a number of strategies that every popular TikTok creator uses. Some of these strategies take a fair amount of work, while others are pretty easy to follow. If you wanted instant results, you could consider buying TikTok followers on TikCeleb; a lot of creators do this in addition to using other tips and tricks. Speaking of which, let’s explore what you can do to build your following on TikTok.

Be intentional about when you publish content

TikTok pretty much moves at the speed of light; if you publish a video when very few of your followers are online, it probably won’t get recommended to them once they log onto the app. This will result in lower engagement, and less activity on your page. To fix this, it’s important to determine when your target audience is online. The best way to do this is to use analytical data on your videos (which is available with a Business account) to pinpoint when your content is getting watched. With this information on your side, you’ll be able to upload videos at the perfect time of day to maximize views.

Emphasize quality

Sure, there are some popular creators who can’t even be bothered to get out of bed when making a TikTok video. However, the vast majority of successful TikTokkers put a lot of work into creating a pleasing aesthetic, even if they’re just filming with their phones. You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment; you simply have to follow a few basic recommendations. First, lighting is everything – not too dark, and not too bright. Second, an external mic will do wonders for your audio quality; these can be bought pretty cheaply. Third, careful framing will go a long way towards making your videos look more professional.

Create controversy

This may sound like a recommendation to get yourself cancelled, but there are plenty of ways to get people talking without actually being offensive. For example, you could offer your hot take on pineapple on pizza, or describe why you think the hit TV show Stranger Things is overrated. Keep the controversy relevant to your niche, and make sure everyone stays respectful in the comments; other than that, don’t be afraid to really go for it!

Keep your content brief

Where TikTok videos are concerned, less is usually more. Even though you have up to three minutes in which to express yourself, it’s recommended to stay under a minute with the majority of your videos. Why? Because this is instrumental in boosting engagement. Viewers are more likely to finish shorter videos, and they’re more likely to rewatch them too. Whether you’re going for a thriving TikTok page or a single viral video, shorter content is best.

This can be a challenge while you’re editing down several minutes of footage, but you’ll figure out how it works with some practice. You could even check out competitors to get some ideas. As long as you stay true to your own vision, there’s no harm in getting some editing inspiration from someone else’s videos.

Be creative

TikTok’s emphasis on following trends can make it easy to lose sight of your own originality. If you spend all your energy copying the same hashtags, sounds, songs, and challenges as everyone else, you’ll make the algorithm happy, but you probably won’t stand out from the crowd. Just remember to put your own unique stamp of originality on your videos, and you’ll attract a following who appreciates you for being you.

Stay on top of trends

Now that you know how important creativity is, it’s time to talk about TikTok trends! Yes, there are enough trends on the app to make your head spin. Some creators simply follow every trend they can get their hands on, but this isn’t a great strategy. It may boost their traffic over the short term, but it doesn’t help to build a loyal or passionate following over the long term. Following trends is a great way to please the algorithm gods, but you also have to keep your viewers in mind. Make sure you stick to your niche, and only follow trends that are relevant to your other content.

Upload frequently

TikTok prioritizes creators who publish videos up to three to four times per day; if you want to get noticed, you should aim for at least one daily upload. Remember, things move quickly on TikTok. Yesterday’s videos are old news, and last week’s videos are ancient history. If you only get around to uploading a couple of times per week, it’ll be really difficult to attract a following.

Engage your audience

The algorithm loves to see interaction in the comment section, and you can encourage that by responding to comments. This can be time-consuming, but it produces concrete results for your TikTok page. Also, if you find that it’s just too much to handle, set boundaries for yourself: only respond to the funniest comments, or stop responding after the video has been up for an hour.

Stitch or duet other creators

If you’re in a niche that’s populated by other creators (as is often the case), there’s a resource you may not be taking advantage of: your competitors’ followings. The great news is that you could attract them to your page, without taking away from anyone else’s views. The process is simple. When you see a video that’s relevant to your page, react or add to it by stitching or duetting that creator. Their followers will have the video recommended to them since it’s relevant to their interests, and you’ll attract their interest (and their views!) with a single video.

The takeaway

Building your TikTok following can seem like a mystery, but it really isn’t that complicated. In fact, by using the right strategies and staying consistent, you can be the one in control of achieving success on TikTok.