Tips for Energy Saving: Devices Consumed the Most

If we stop to think about the amount of electrical appliances we have at home we would be surprised. On the one hand we find each and every one of the appliances that are not usually missing in any house, but to all of them, they have been added over time and the advancement of other technologies such as the computers themselves, the routers , air conditioners, SmartTV, mobile devices, smart bulbs the electric vehicle charger, etc. This means that we have a much higher electricity consumption in our homes, which translates into an increasingly high bill. We will review some of the appliances and computer equipment that consume the most and how we can achieve energy savings .

The first and main thing in these cases is to know the different consumptions of our house to identify which devices are the ones that consume the most and what we can do to reduce the cost. The consumption is very different according to the type of housing, being much higher in single-family housing than in the housing blocks, especially in what heating and hot water is concerned.

But entering a little more detail of what interests us, it is important to know that in the section appliances, the refrigerator , the washing machine and the televisions are the ones that cause the main energy expenditure in our homes, while the dryers, freezers or dishwashers the least, perhaps also because they are what are used less times a day. It is also surprising to see how stand-by devices can consume, on average, almost as much as a washing machine, so it is an important fact and to take into account.

Consumption and tips to achieve energy savings

Mobile devices and computer equipment

In the equipment such as desktop computers, laptops, printers, etc., the voluntary energy efficiency system, Ecolabel, is applied. A label that indicates that the equipment is energy efficient speaking as long as it is configured for energy savings.

There is no doubt that in recent years the presence of computer equipment in our homes has increased considerably. However, it is important to know that laptops consume much less than desktop computers, while the devices or devices that consume the most are LCD screens, adapters and hard drives and CPUs that include consumer management functions.


Tips : It is advisable to use flat screens for greater energy savings, as well as getting used to turning off the computer screen every time we are going to spend considerable time outside the computer. The black wallpapers are the ones that consume less and it is also highly recommended to make use of sensors that detect our presence and absence to lower or increase the brightness of our screen automatically.

SmartTV or TVs

In this section the truth is that there are a lot of technologies for the screens of our televisions, therefore, when buying a new one, it is best to consult the energy label of the same. We must bear in mind that basically the screens that consume less are the LEDs, followed by the LCD and the plasma ones. After the refrigerator, the television in our house is the device that can consume the most globally.

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Tips : Always choosing a TV with a screen that offers less consumption will help us save. In addition, it is highly recommended not to leave the TV in standby and have our TV and all the devices connected to it plugged into the same power strip so that when turning off the power strip we make sure to turn off all.


Taking into account that it is the appliance that consumes the most in our homes, since its use is constant so that everything we keep in it is not spoiled, it is important that we take into account certain aspects to achieve energy savings in our home.

The truth is that they are not devices that have a great power, but the fact that they are continuously connected makes them generate a great consumption. In addition, it is important to take into account its location and installation, since it must allow air circulation through the rear and keep it away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat such as heating.

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Tips : Choose the model well when buying a refrigerator. Do not buy a larger equipment if we do not need it, check the energy label and verify that it has the no-frost function are some of the details that we must take into account. Remember that the formation of ice is detrimental in the proper functioning of the refrigerator, since it does not allow to cool and causes more energy to be consumed. In addition, we must avoid putting hot food that can raise the temperature of the refrigerator and therefore cause greater energy consumption to maintain the temperature inside.

Washing machine

Another of the appliances that consumes the most energy in our house is the washing machine. Responsible for such consumption is the need to heat the water during washing and of course, the frequency with which we use the appliance. It will not be the same if we put 1 washing machine daily than if we put 3 a week.

Of course, as always it is convenient to look carefully at the energy label when buying a washing machine, but taking into account that approximately 80% of energy consumption is caused by the need to heat the water during washing, it is best that let’s use the ECO program whenever we can.

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Tips : As we have just said, using the ECO program or low temperature programs will help us reduce energy consumption. If we are one of those who put in several daily washing machines, it is important to evaluate the use of thermo-efficient washing machines, which are those that reduce the heating time of the water and represent a great energy saving. Which also means a saving in the electricity bill.


Like the washing machine, the biggest consumption of the dishwasher is due to the water heating process. However, the fact that they use a small amount of water, sometimes causes energy savings compared to hand washing if we use hot water as well.

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Tips : The main advice is to use the dishwasher only when we have it full and perform good maintenance. Choosing a program with low temperatures also helps in saving energy. We must assess the type of dirt we need to clean to choose one program or another.


Although it is not among the top 3 appliances that consume more in our home, it does not mean that it is not one of the most consumed. In fact, it is perhaps the most consumed appliance in our homes. However, it is true that it is one of the least used daily, otherwise, we will find that it can become the device with the highest consumption.

As in the rest of appliances, or perhaps even more important in the case of the oven, it is important to check the energy labeling when we are going to buy one. And of course, follow the advice we show below to try to save as much as possible when we use it.

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Tips : Avoid constantly opening the oven is important, since there is a significant loss of heat that ultimately results in increased consumption. Turning off the oven before the end of cooking is also a way of saving, since it allows you to take advantage of the heat of the oven to finish the cooking process

Electric car charger

It is not something that everyone has in their homes, but the truth is that more and more buildings and houses have a charger for electric cars because there are more and more models that exist in the market. In this case, it is important to keep in mind that having an electric car can already save a lot if we compare it to fuel costs.

Tips : Given that the price of electricity is not always the same, since it depends on the time in the case of rates with time discrimination, the best thing we can do to save energy is to always charge the car at night or in the time slot where the consumption comes out more economical depending on our rate.

Air conditioning

The truth is that more and more people are installing air conditioners in their homes. Something that a priori may not be able to suppose a considerable increase in energy consumption, but that can become an important expense.

There are many types of air conditioners and in addition, there are many elements that can influence the needs when it comes to air conditioning a room in question. Therefore, it is best that we consult with a professional and whoever advises us on how to perform the installation and how to achieve greater energy savings.

Tips : Assess whether in certain rooms of the house it is advisable to install an air conditioner or we can use other devices with lower consumption. Bringing the room to the ideal temperature should be progressive, since putting a temperature on the thermostat very low, it will not make us reach it much faster but if we will make excessive consumption. Make use of awnings to prevent us from direct sunlight in certain rooms at certain times of the day.

Other general tips for saving energy at home

Although they do not involve excessive consumption in our house, there are certain details that can help us achieve energy savings:

  1. Turn on the light in the rooms only if necessary.
  2. Turn off the lights when leaving a room so as not to leave them on.
  3. Use light bulbs or light bulbs or LEDs.
  4. Use sensors so that the lights turn on and off automatically.
  5. Disconnect all appliances and devices in Stand-By mode, including mobile and tablet chargers.
  6. Use short and low temperature washing programs in washing machines and dishwashers whenever possible.
  7. Invest in insulation of our home, doors and windows.
  8. Make the most of natural light.
  9. Put the washing machine, dishwasher or iron at the times when electricity is cheaper depending on our rate.
  10. Perform a good maintenance of all appliances and appliances to prevent any configuration or failure is causing greater consumption.