Tips for Choosing Air Conditioning This Summer

Tips for Choosing Air Conditioning This Summer

Summer has arrived, high temperatures and the “put the air conditioning on it’s hot!” Having a good air conditioner will help you beat the heat and keep your electricity bill from skyrocketing. As energy advisers we want to share with you some tips for choosing air conditioning .

Refrigeration, energy efficiency, fixed or portable appliances, SEER, SCOP … Many terms appear that you may not have known when you go to buy an air conditioner! In addition, you may also worry about using it at certain times due to the expense that it may entail.

Air conditioning technology has advanced a lot in recent years, achieving a high degree of efficiency that considerably reduces its consumption. The key is knowing how to choose a good device. In addition, we are also going to tell you a series of tricks to save energy with air conditioning .

The first thing you should know is that the cost of the air conditioning will depend to a large extent on the electricity rate and the company with which you have contracted the electricity. Remember that, at Gana Energía, we always offer electricity at low prices and we have electricity rates at cost prices with which you will achieve greater savings throughout the year.

How much does an air conditioner consume

Air conditioners consume according to their technical characteristics. What we assure you is that the old models consume much more than the new ones because they do not usually have efficiency systems or configurations such as ECO mode.

To know how much an air conditioner uses per month, you have to take into account the power, how long you have it on and the size of the home. And of course, the rate bracket in which you consume. It is not the same to turn on the air conditioning during peak hours than during off-peak hours .

At Gana Energía, we have analyzed the cost of an air conditioner in the different time zones. To do this, we have considered the average price of the last 12 months in our 2.0TD Sin Más tariff and a 3,000 frigories appliance with a consumption of approximately 1.5 kWh.

The result for an average house shows that the price, including taxes, of turning on the appliance for one hour is approximately € 0.11 during the Low Period, € 0.20 in the Flat Period and € 0.38 in the Low Period. Tip.

Types of air conditioning

Next, we are going to go over some basics about the world of air conditioners. The first thing you should know is that there are several models of air conditioning depending on the technology and installation requirements .

The most common are the split or fixed models . These devices consist of an indoor and outdoor cooling unit that is usually placed on the façade. At Gana Energía, we have observed that this is the device that saves the most electricity and space. In addition, it is also the quietest.

On the other hand, there are devices that do not need installation. These are portable and window air conditioners. The former are usually placed on the ground and have a hose to expel the hot air. Window ones are placed on the window or on an exterior wall. Although it is true that these options have the advantage of saving you the installation, they are somewhat noisier and less aesthetic.

In offices and commercial premises, the cassette model is usually used, which requires a false ceiling and distributes the air evenly throughout the installation. Another option is central air conditioning systems, which require installation of ducts and allow several rooms to be heated at the same time.

Keys to choosing air conditioning

Now that you know the types of air conditioning devices, it’s time to review some keys to choosing air conditioning. Mainly, there are three elements that you must take into account: energy efficiency, thermal power and if they use inverter technology.

First of all, the energy efficiency label is essential since high efficiency reduces consumption considerably. The energy classification ranges from A to G, from highest to lowest. In addition, you must take into account the SEER that shows the efficiency of the appliance in cold mode.

If you opt for an appliance that has heating mode, you will have the possibility of using the appliance both in summer and winter. In this case, you should also look at the SCOP, which marks the energy efficiency in heating mode.

In summary, an A +++ energy efficiency label will have a SEER value greater than 8.5 and a SCOP of more than 5.1 points.

In addition, you should also look at the thermal power . This element is measured in frigories, that is, the ability of the device to absorb heat. How many frigories should your air conditioner have? Calculate between 100 and 140 frigories for each square meter that you want to air condition. Although this will also depend on the location and orientation of the appliance and the quality of the insulation in the room.

Another interesting element is to bet on devices that have inverter technology . This option allows you to regulate the speed of the converter automatically to reduce energy consumption. In addition, it allows you to maintain a stable temperature and they are quieter than conventional appliances.

Finally, although they often go unnoticed, air filters are important to create a clean and pleasant environment . Filters improve air quality in dry, dusty or odorous environments. Purifying and UV filters are often recommended for people with asthma and allergies.

How to save with air conditioning

In addition to following these tips to choose air conditioning, it is also important that you know how to use it to prevent its use from shooting up your electricity bill. Proven savings even in heat waves!

First of all, you don’t need to set the air conditioner to excessively low temperatures to smother the heat. We recommend putting it between 24º and 26º . This is more than enough to achieve a comfortable temperature without increasing the cost of light.

In addition, you can activate the eco mode to get up to 30% savings . Some devices also have the night mode that disconnects the equipment after a few hours. In fact, having the air conditioner on all night is an unnecessary waste of energy.

The location of the device is also important. Avoid placing the device where the sun shines directly and do not point the air directly at you . Even if you think that this way you will avoid the heat, the reality is that it can cause dry skin and mucous membranes. In addition, you make it difficult for the air to be distributed evenly throughout the room.

Another measure to save on electricity bills throughout the year is to invest in the insulation of your house . Ideally, the building should have walls and floors made of insulating materials. You can also install double-glazed windows and insulated doors. This will prevent power leaks and help you maintain a good temperature.

Finally, the best way to save on your electricity bill is to choose the rate that best suits you.  We help you choose the best electricity rate according to your consumption habits and we advise you to optimize spending as much as possible. In addition, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts. We will wait for you!