TikTok Tako: The Mysterious AI in Your TikTok Inbox

TikTok users have been left baffled by the sudden appearance of a mysterious chat in their inbox labeled “TikTok Tako.” Many are wondering whether it’s a virus or some sort of intrusion, as they cannot access its content. But there’s no need to panic, as TikTok Tako is simply an AI chatbot that TikTok has been testing.

TikTok’s inbox is where users have conversations with friends, view videos, and engage with content. The appearance of TikTok Tako has taken many by surprise, but there’s nothing to fear.

tiktok takotikt

TikTok Tako is an AI chatbot that has been in testing for some time, though it hasn’t been officially rolled out globally. For certain users, it appears on their mobile devices, while for others, it may show up briefly and then disappear. TikTok is likely conducting tests to fine-tune this new feature. The AI’s primary objective is to provide content based on users’ requests, helping them discover new videos on TikTok.

TikTok’s AI chatbot, TikTok Tako, has an icon that appears above users’ profile photos, along with other buttons for liking, saving videos to collections, and sharing. Some users have reported seeing TikTok Tako in their message inbox, causing confusion.

How It Works:

TikTok Tako’s operation is straightforward. Users can ask it questions or make requests. For example, you could ask, “What are the best mobile games of 2023?” TikTok Tako responds by providing a series of videos based on its algorithm to answer the query. While the extent of the AI’s capabilities is not yet clear, it is intended to enhance the TikTok experience and offer content tailored to users’ preferences.

The introduction of TikTok Tako raises questions about its value compared to TikTok’s existing search engine, which is already quite precise. Users can enter the same question as a search term, such as “best games of 2023,” and the system will display related videos. The AI’s true capabilities and benefits will become more apparent over time.