TikTok not working or loading? Possible problems and all their solutions

TikTok is the trendy social network. It never stops growing and the black magic of its algorithm hooks us with one video after another, as if it knew us better than ourselves. However, sometimes you may get the unpleasant surprise that it does not work well, does not update, does not connect or tells you that there are problems with your account. Don’t worry, if TikTok isn’t working for you, here are the main solutions to make it work for you again.

TikTok tends to go fast and perfectly handle that everyone is uploading videos, commenting and endlessly scrolling through their “For You” feed , which seems to read our minds and hook us.

TikTok not working or loading

However, sometimes you can be unpleasantly surprised that TikTok is not doing well .

In that case, go try these solutions.

TikTok not working? Try these solutions

These are all the things you can do in case the social network is not working for you.

Solution 1: Check your Internet connection

Sin conexión WiFi

It may seem obvious, but more than twice it happens that problems with TikTok or any other social network are due to our Internet connection . If you’re having trouble watching videos or your feed isn’t updating, check that you have a good connection .

To do this, go to another social network that also has videos, such as Instagram or YouTube. This way we can verify that they load well and at a good speed, without waiting or pixelated images. If you have problems with them too, it is a sign that your connection is not good and that is the question.

If you’re on home Wi-Fi, put in the data and refresh TikTok, see what happens. If it works fine for you, the problem is the router . Normally, that kind of thing will have to be arranged by your Internet provider. Before calling them, try restarting your router , wait a bit for it to work again, and log in to TikTok again.

Your router is actually a small computer, so restarting sometimes fixes problems.

Solution 2: Check if TikTok is down or working fine

It may be that, instead of problems on your part, it is TikTok that has the servers down or malfunctioning . If the rest of the applications work fine and you can browse the Internet at the speed of always, this may be the setback.

There are several pages on the net that report whether social networks or certain web pages are working properly. To check the status of TikTok, you can use the Services Down page or the Down Detector page, for example.

There you will see if everything seems in order or if they are announcing any error message.

Another option is to go on Twitter and see if people are talking about drops on TikTok . It is the ideal social network to find out about these things.

Solution 3: Completely close TikTok and log back in

TikTok caído

As with the router , some issues with TikTok can be fixed by restarting the app . Yes, it’s almost a meme at this point, but the truth is that, sometimes, it works.

Exit completely from the application and enter again, to see if it behaves the same.

If it still gives you trouble, you can try restarting your phone and opening TikTok again.

Solution 4: Update the TikTok app

Sometimes there can be issues if your TikTok app is out of date and trying to access the social network’s servers. It is possible that they have added some new feature, or that access does not work well with old versions of the app .

The most recommended thing, for security and not only for vice to the networks, is to always configure that the applications update automatically . If you don’t have that option activated on your Android or iPhone, you’re already taking a long time and you’ll thank us.

Go to the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store and check that you have updated TikTok. If not, refresh and re-enter the app, see if it works fine now.

Solution 5: Try TikTok on another device

TikTok en otro dispositivo

Another solution when TikTok is not working is to try joining from another device . If a friend or family member has their mobile handy, you can ask them to come in and check if everything is ok.

If not, you can always turn on your computer and log into your TikTok account from your web browser . If it works as it should, you probably have problems with your phone. Before throwing it against the wall, keep trying the following solutions.

Solution 6: Reinstall the TikTok app

Going one step further, if you have tried all of the above and closing the app and updating it does not solve anything, you can completely uninstall it and install it again .

This can solve more problems than it seems, especially if you have verified that TikTok works well on other devices.

Solution 7: Check the available space on the phone

Like all social media and apps, TikTok needs to use your device’s storage, and videos take up a lot of space. When you run out of space, apps stop working fine, so make sure you have free space for all that TikTok nonsense.

If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Space on (your device name).

If you have an Android phone, go to Settings > Storage .

In this way, you will be able to see the site that you have left. If it is very little, TikTok may not work properly for you because of this, so start freeing up space by deleting photos, videos or applications that you no longer need.

Solution 8: Sign out of TikTok and sign back in

Cerrar sesión en TikTok para solucionar problemas

Another possibility is that there are issues with your TikTok session. In that case, what you can do is close it and re-identify yourself in the application .

For that, if you can enter the app :

  • Click on the tab of your profile that has the name “Me” .
  • Then, tap on the 3 dots at the top right to access “Settings” .
  • If you scroll down to the bottom of that screen, you’ll find the option to “Log Out” .

Solution 9: Make sure that we do not have the TikTok account blocked

As in all social networks, TikTok can block our account. The reasons can be varied and you will know what you are doing on the network, but one of the most common temporary blocking reasons on TikTok is “…too fast” .

This can be caused by 3 types of errors:

  • You are typing too fast . Normally, it occurs when you have the trigger very easy with the “Like” and you do not stop giving it.
  • You are commenting too fast . If you are giving your opinion or writing too fast in too many videos.
  • You are tracking too fast . If you don’t stop following, you count as possessed without criteria.

In any of those 3 cases, TikTok can bench you and deactivate your account for 24 hours , to prevent spam behavior.

Of course, it is also possible that you are doing worse things and that your account has been permanently banned.

TikTok Cuenta suspendida

Solution 10: Check that you are not being blocked from accessing TikTok

For example, if you are at work connected to the network of the company, university or school. In that case, it is very likely that it has blocked access to TikTok and other websites so that you can start working and stop wasting your time.

If you don’t want to get to work, the solution is easy.

Disconnect from the network you’re on, put your mobile data on, and see if you can now get into TikTok . If so, your boss is wise and wants you to give your life to him, instead of social media.

Solution 11: Contact TikTok Support

If none of the above works, or you want to report the problem to TikTok, you can always contact them. For that:

  • Click on the “Profile” option in the bottom right corner.
  • On the screen that appears, tap on the three-line icon at the top right.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Report a problem” option.
  • You will see that you can select topics and subtopics, you must choose the one called “Other” .
  • From what comes up, choose: “I still have problems” .

Tell TikTok what’s going on and maybe they can help you, although we can’t really guarantee it.

As you can see, if TikTok is not working for you, you have many options to try before you despair. Our recommendation is that you go in order and, if nothing works, it may be the best thing that can happen to us, because we will not have lost our lives watching nonsense.