The three easiest ways to become a millionaire in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

The Call of Duty saga has become one of the few first-person shooter franchises that has managed to remain as current and fresh as the first day , due in large part to the fact that it has managed to reinvent itself to fit in with the new generations by developing legs. Just as fun as those of Warzone , which in its 2.0 version improves the battle royale formula that we already saw a couple of years ago a little more.

All against all

ways to become a millionaire in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

This battle royale has the advantage that it is free, but you know what that means: that everything we can acquire inside to improve our account, we will have to earn it by fighting and obtaining ingame coins that, as an alternative method, we can always acquire with money real. But since we don’t want to do that, we are going to offer you three simple methods to get some cash in the game to stay afloat and be able to choose, at least, to acquire appearances for our avatar.

Without further ado, let’s start these interesting tips.

Method 1

First of all, one of the easiest ways to get money in Warzone is through obtaining contracts that we must complete. These consist of small, fairly simple tasks that can be completed, for example, by all the members of the squad, so we’re sure you won’t have much of a problem finishing them. If you want to know where to find them, you just have to look throughout the map and locate an icon that resembles a yellow shield.

In turn, these contracts can be of three different types:

  • Reward: in these contracts you will have to assassinate a target in a certain time, while he is aware that you are on his trail.
  • Reconnaissance: In these missions you will have to travel to a certain place on the map and stay there for a time stipulated by the game. In addition, these will also tell you what is the next safe area within the ring.
  • Scavenger: in this type of mission you will have to plunder three chests in a limited time.

Mapa Warzone 2.0.

Method 2

The second way to get money in this battle royale is typical of this type of game, which consists of looting all the chests and stashes you come across, which are full of extra money almost all the time. Although in the short term you will not get much with this method, game by game it is certain that you will be able to amass a considerable amount of resources.

Method 3

The last way (and the most dastardly of all) is the classic one of playing the vulture and taking their money from those poor players who have died in combat. Although it is a very creeping way to increase your purchasing power, we anticipate that in this way you can accumulate more resources than with the previous method. Of course, hurry up because you will not be the only ones who want to get the money from those fallen soldiers on the battlefield.

And you? Do you have a lot of money inside Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 ?