Three alternatives to Apple Maps that are less known

Apple maps

Apple Maps, the navigation application developed by Cupertino, serves as a viable alternative to Google Maps for Apple users. Although it has made significant progress in recent years, many users acknowledge that it still falls short compared to other leading competitors in the industry. In light of this, we would like to highlight three lesser-known alternatives to Apple Maps that deliver exceptional performance.

Here wego


HERE WeGo is a comprehensive mapping and navigation application developed by Here Technologies, formerly known as Nokia Maps and Here Maps. It boasts several noteworthy features:

1. Real-time navigation: HERE WeGo provides real-time navigation for driving, walking, transit, and biking. Users can rely on accurate turn-by-turn directions and receive live updates on traffic conditions, ensuring efficient and timely travel. The app also alerts users about unexpected incidents or accidents that may affect their routes.

2. Offline maps: One of the standout features of HERE WeGo is its ability to download maps of cities and entire countries for offline use. This functionality is particularly beneficial for travelers exploring areas with limited internet connectivity or for those who prefer to conserve their mobile data. Users can navigate confidently without relying on an active internet connection.

3. Public transport information: HERE WeGo offers comprehensive public transport information, including schedules and routes, for numerous cities worldwide. Users can access detailed navigation instructions and receive estimated arrival times, enabling them to plan their journeys using buses, trains, and other public transportation options.

With its real-time navigation, offline map capabilities, and reliable public transport information, HERE WeGo provides a robust and versatile solution for users seeking efficient and hassle-free navigation experiences.

Mapbox navigation


Mapbox Navigation is a powerful maps and geolocation application that offers an extensive set of tools for creating custom maps and geolocation applications. Let’s explore some of its notable features:

Real-time Navigation: Mapbox Navigation provides real-time navigation directions for driving, walking, and biking. Users can rely on accurate turn-by-turn instructions, along with essential information such as route details, distance, traffic updates, and estimated time of arrival. This ensures a seamless and efficient navigation experience.

Real-time Traffic Information: The application offers up-to-date information on traffic conditions. Users can stay informed about congestion, accidents, or any other obstructions along their route. This enables them to make informed decisions and choose alternative paths to avoid delays.

Customization: Mapbox Navigation is highly regarded for its customization capabilities. Developers can tailor the appearance of maps to match their specific requirements. They can also incorporate additional data layers, overlays, and annotations, providing users with a personalized and interactive map experience.

With its real-time navigation, traffic updates, and extensive customization options, Mapbox Navigation empowers developers to create innovative and tailored mapping and navigation applications that cater to their users’ unique needs.



Waze is a dynamic GPS app that provides real-time traffic information by harnessing the collective efforts of its user community. Even though it is owned by Google Maps, Waze maintains its distinct social and collaborative approach. Let’s delve into its key features:

Real-time Navigation and Traffic: Waze offers reliable GPS navigation with real-time updates on road conditions. Users can receive information about traffic congestion, accidents, and road closures, allowing them to choose the most efficient routes.

Speed Alerts: The app displays current speed limits and notifies users when they exceed the prescribed limits, helping them avoid speeding fines. Additionally, Waze indicates the presence of speed cameras and radar locations reported by other users.

Fuel Price Reports: Users can conveniently locate nearby gas stations and access community-updated fuel prices, enabling them to find the most cost-effective options.

Alerts for Law Enforcement: Waze provides alerts about the presence of law enforcement officers, police checkpoints, and other law enforcement activities reported by the community.

By leveraging the power of crowdsourcing, Waze delivers real-time navigation, traffic updates, speed alerts, fuel price information, and law enforcement alerts. This collaborative approach makes Waze a valuable tool for navigating efficiently and staying informed on the road.