This website allows you to create crazy Pokémon fusions

This website allows you to create crazy Pokémon fusions

The Pokémon fandom is one of the largest out there. It is not surprising that there are all kinds of Pokémon created by the community (the famous fakemon), evolutions created by artists that we would like to see were real, and even fusions of creatures. Around the latter there are many websites that collect mixtures of Pokémon, each one more strange and fun. Today we will talk a little about Pokémon Fusion Generator , a very fun application with which you will be able to create the chimera of your dreams.

Pokémon Fusion Maker, the most realistic Pokémon “cocktail shaker” on the Internet

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Pokémon Fusion Maker is a web application that allows you to combine different Pokémon as if you were the crazy kid from Toy Story , something that has never been done in the official Game Freak games, but with which you can have a laugh. These types of websites have existed for years, and there are dozens. However, Japeal’s Pokémon Fusion Maker takes this phenomenon to the next level.

This pocket monster ‘mixer’ has all 8 generations of Pokémon in its database. Its operation is very simple: you choose each creature and you hit ‘Fuse’. As a result, it will give you the Pokémon’s sprite along with its main and secondary types and some extra data that you can see in a Pokédex. In addition, the application will even generate the cry of said Pokémon. A real madness.

As if that weren’t enough, you can also create personalized images and cards with its other utility, New Fakemon Maker. It is a scenario in which you can make a collage with all the fake Pokémon that you create on. You can change the background, dress your creatures and add accessories to later export a personalized card.

The application also has a payment method for those who finance the creators of the web through Patreon. These users can also combine Pokémon to create Mega Evolutions , Alola forms, and alternate forms as well. In addition, they can also spawn their own shiny Pokémon.

Has Game Freak ever been inspired by one of these apps?

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Maybe yes and maybe not. Creature mixes do not exist in the Pokémon world. However, there is an exception in the eighth generation Pokédex. In Pokemon Sword and Shield , Fossil Pokemon are a bit of an oddity. For the first time, in this game we collected the fossils in parts. The funny thing is that, when doing the puzzle, we never got a coherent creature.

All this could be interpreted as a “merger in the Pokémon world”, but it is really a nod to British scientists . Galar, the Sword and Shield region, is based on England. In the mid-nineteenth century, the anatomist Richard Owen popularized the term ‘dinosaur’ to refer to the large reptiles that inhabited our planet millions of years ago and of which we have fossil remains. The funny thing about it is that the scientists of the time combined the pieces of the puzzle arbitrarily, mixing animal remains that had nothing to do with each other.

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Later, science advanced and these errors were solved. However, Game Freak was there putting the finishing touch with Dracozolt, Dracovish , Arctovish and Arctozolt, four authentic grotesque who come to laugh at this phenomenon. Without a doubt, proof of the ability and talent that Game Freak has when it comes to filling their games with little jokes and curious details.