This update fixes bugs with Bluetooth in Windows

At the moment the Redmond have a good amount of projects in operation, among which we find several versions of Windows . Here we have to include the new operating system you are working on, we mean Windows 11.

But that’s not all, but the firm also has to be in charge of updating and keeping up to date the versions already available of its products. In fact, this is the case at hand right now as Microsoft has just released an optional patch, KB5005101 .

This update fixes bugs with Bluetooth in Windows

What to do with the optional Windows KB5005101 patch

This is released for Windows 10 versions 21H1, 20H2 and 2004 with a multitude of fixes. To give you an idea, this optional update includes fixes for issues affecting USB headsets and Bluetooth . It also fixes bugs with Office 365 apps and for devices that support touch input. As usual, the bug fixes and quality improvements in this optional patch KB5005101 will also be included in this month’s updates.

They will be published on September 14 on the usual Microsoft Update Tuesday. Therefore, if you have experienced some system failures lately, we recommend that you install this update and thus not wait more than 10 days. If you decide to install this optional patch, we show you all the bug fixes Microsoft has highlighted.

Actualización Windows

Fixes included in the new Microsoft update

  • Updated an issue that causes the Bluetooth headset to only work for voice calls.
  • Fixed an issue that provides an erroneous result when the Japanese rollback is canceled.
  • They fix a bug that resets OneDrive sync to Known Folders Only after installing a Windows update.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents headphones that are connected to a device via USB from working if the PC has certain third-party audio drivers.
  • Updated bug with resizing images causing flicker and residual line artifacts.
  • There is no longer a problem that prevents you from typing any words in the username box.
  • Fixed an issue when copying and pasting a text box in Office 365 applications.
  • They fix a bug that can cause the computer to stop working when making a certain gesture on the touch input. This occurs when more fingers are in contact during the on-screen gesture.
  • The error that can cause an external monitor to show a black screen after hibernation has been solved.
  • We no longer encountered the issue that restores brightness to standard dynamic range with HDR or high dynamic range monitors.

How to install KB5005101 on PC

It is worth mentioning that we have the possibility of installing this optional update just by going to the System Configuration application. We can access this using the Win + I key combination . Once in the window that appears, we only have to go to the update and security section where we already find Windows Update.

Here we should already see that there is an optional update available for the team, so we have no choice but to add it to our Windows.