This summer when scanning many QR codes you could have problems

when scanning many QR codes you could have problems

Nowadays, there are many dangers that we must avoid in order not to fall into the trap of scams, viruses, etc., when using a mobile. In addition, we must add the problem that the simple fact of browsing the Internet with the smartphone can cause, since we could fall into a website in which the phone becomes infected with any type of malware. Well, to this we must add the different dangers of reading QR codes with the mobile camera.

If all of the above was not enough, hackers continue to do their thing. And now, we must be more careful than ever when scanning the QR with the smartphone . Not only because they can fill the phone with malware, but they could even get some other important data from us. For this reason, we are going to see what types of problems they can give us and, above all, if there is any method to avoid it.

The dangers of reading QR codes

There are several dangers that we could fall into if we are not very careful when reading a QR code. Since, at first, it will seem like a normal code, the problem occurs when we scan it with the smartphone camera.

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For example, it is possible that they seem totally legitimate to us, since the QR is from a trusted bar or a reputable restaurant, however, we could fall into the trap of reading a code that someone else has put, which is false. . For this reason, you have to know that series of dangers that we mentioned:

  • Introduce malware on the phone

By scanning a fake QR , they can introduce some kind of virus to the device that has read the code. Usually, this will take us to a URL , so when we open the page, it takes us to a website that has been designed by a hacker. And, therefore, that website could have some type of malware.

  • steal passwords

Not only can they sneak some kind of malware into your smartphone, but they are also capable of using a QR to steal passwords. It will not always be easy to fall into the trap, since when scanning the code it will take us to a website that simulates the login of another well-known page , such as Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, etc. In that case, the password and username will only be stolen if we enter them on the fake website that we have accessed.

  • Get user data

In these cases, just scanning the QR will take us to a kind of form in which we will be asked for different personal data such as phone number, email, etc. Therefore, we will have to be very careful with this type of website, since it could be false or, simply, they use it to include us in spam lists with the aim of sending us advertising based on our tastes.

How problems can be avoided

Over time, just as hackers’ techniques have been improving to infect a mobile device or steal passwords and personal data, the security of smartphones has also been improving over time. For this reason, not only will we have to take into account a series of recommendations that we will see below, but mobile phones already have a function as standard to prevent us from falling into the trap .

Right now, both Android and iPhone mobiles have a tool with which, when scanning any QR code, it will warn us first of all which website we are going to enter. In this way, we will know the page and we will know where it takes us. So we can make sure before accessing it if it is safe or not.

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However, there is another series of recommendations that will be of great help to us to be protected against these dangers. In addition, we must bear in mind that they will also serve to increase the security of the device that we normally use:

  • Verify well the URL that we are going to access when scanning different QR codes.
  • Install a reliable antivirus on the mobile.
  • Keep your smartphone updated.