This option of your mobile is spending all the battery without need

Technology has advanced and now we can buy better phones for less money, or access many functions that were previously unthinkable. But this has become a double-edged sword because even what attracts you most in a mobile can be a big problem for you.

This is what happens with one of the most desired features when you want to buy a mobile today. Before it was not a problem because few had it , and those that did have it were the most expensive and optimized models.

This option of your mobile is spending all the battery without need

However, now we find many more models of different ranges and prices that have it. The thing is, it can kill your battery before you know it.

5G can ‘eat’ your battery, even if you don’t use it

In case you still couldn’t imagine what it was, I’ll tell you. This is 5G technology that allows you to browse much faster to access your online content earlier and with lower latency. There are many people, and especially gamers, streamers or those who have high Internet requirements, who consider it an essential function on their mobiles.

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However, there are more who do not need it, they will not notice the difference with respect to 4G . Even your smartphone may be consuming battery unnecessarily because it is looking for a 5G network that does not exist in your area or places you frequent. Just by searching for these networks you are wasting your battery unnecessarily.

Yes, it’s great to have a smartphone that has everything and 5G speed is amazing, but ask yourself if you really need it. And, what’s worse, if you have a rate compatible with this technology or unlimited data so you don’t run out without realizing it. If this is not the case, the best thing you can do to make your battery last much longer is to deactivate it if you have a 5G mobile. 4G networks are still pretty good today and more than enough for the vast majority of mobile users.

How to remove 5G networks from your mobile

To deactivate 5G on your smartphone and thus increase the life of its battery, you can do it from the settings of your mobile. It will be in the Networks (or Connections or WiFi) section, in Mobile networks . If you find an option that says Network Mode or similar, check your options and change to 4G or LTE .

On each phone model, the path may vary, but it will be very similar. If you cannot find 5G, it is most likely that your mobile does not have it, so you will not have to do anything.


If you have an iPhone you will have to go to Mobile data to later go to the Options section, then click on Voice and data and finally select the 4G or LTE option.

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Once you have done so, your mobile will no longer allocate autonomy to searching for 5G networks, but it will still offer you a good Internet access speed since it will use 4G data as long as there is coverage in the area where you are. If not, it will take advantage of the best network available at the time.