This is why AppleTV + is unique compared to Disney +

Netflix landed in Spain five years ago. Since then, there are many platforms that have reached users to stay part of the cake of Apple‘s Streaming services. However, there are two platforms that go their own way, such as Apple and Disney, two giants in their respective industries, but why is Apple unique compared to Disney in its content? We will discuss it below.

Similar starting point


Disney+ and Apple TV+ went on the market with the aim of growing little by little and not being the pivotal axis of their income , since Apple has a large technological market in continuous development and Disney’s main sources of income are movie theaters. and their theme parks, making their Streaming platform a place where they can obtain a source of income that allows them to present their series and deposit their movies once several months have passed since their big start.


The feeling of content saturation and the multitude of existing platforms make users look for high-quality and well-produced stories that allow them to enjoy a good time with the family. The Disney+ catalog began with much more content than Apple TV, but little by little Apple has been generating a very varied, well-produced content for all kinds of audiences, so all the content that is generated is unique and exclusive. .


Disney+ is not entirely like that, because the new productions come out first in the cinema and then on the platform, although the series are exclusive to the platform, many of them are animated or are made from the purchase of rights such as Simpsons or the Stars Wars series, which before its acquisition also generated that content. However, they do not reach Apple’s production levels.


Both platforms have a free trial period so that they can discover the benefits of their platform, although Apple offers it free for those users who have a Unidays account and several months free in the event that you purchase a new device from the bitten apple.

After that period, you can get Apple TV + for 4.99 euros per month and Disney + you can pay 8.99 euros per month for a subscription of 89.99 euros, with which you save two months and can have up to a total of 7 users, but you can only have connected four devices at the same time. Apple offers Apple One , a service that brings together the main Apple services and that allows you to save about 25-30 euros depending on the type of subscription you choose. Apple One allows you to save money if you have the Apple ecosystem, a very interesting point in favor.

User experience

Perhaps the only point where Disney+ has a clear advantage over Apple TV+ is in the application itself , since the Apple TV+ app is a bit different from other platforms where it seems to mix up its available series and movies. On the other hand, Disney has its entire catalog very well organized, especially its categorization of films divided into segments such as Stars Wars, Marvel, Pixar or the Star session, which is a more exclusive section for a more adult audience. However, this own categorization of Apple does not have to be bad if you know the interface, since you can access all the content of Apple TV + and the content of third-party platforms from a single application.

Apple TV

By way of conclusion, Apple has managed to gradually create a platform of its own content of the highest quality and that little by little is getting better reviews from users and specialized film critics, the awards in its productions speak for themselves. .