This is the correct way to restart the router

Like so many other electronic devices, a good way to fix when something is wrong with your router is to reset it. This can stop the processes in progress and correct any possible failure that the device is having. However, it is possible that you are rebooting the router wrong when you are doing this process.

If you are doing it wrong, you may not get the expected result when performing this router reset, so we are going to tell you how you should do it correctly.

correct way to restart the router

The best way to reset the router

In case you don’t know, a router is not that different from a computer either. Inside there is a small CPU, RAM memory and a system that allows it to work and carry out the processes it should. As happens with our computer, at some point a process may get blocked , which can trigger a major error that leaves us offline.

reiniciar router

What we are doing with this is that the device disconnects and stops all the processes that it was carrying out at that moment. This solution is generally the one that our operator recommends when we have connection problems, or when our internet is suffering cuts or going much slower than it should. This is when we tend to reset the router, but it’s not as simple a process as turning it off and on again.

It is very important that we do not press the button to turn it off and turn it on immediately, since the restart process would not take place. In order to effectively restart a router and that we have really managed to turn it off completely, we should leave it off for about 20 to 30 seconds (some manufacturers only indicate 10 seconds, but better this way) before proceeding to activate it again. It is only in this way that your internal system will have been rebooted and not just the device in question.

In this way, each of the system processes will start from scratch and it will be more likely that what has led you to the reboot will not happen again.

Other reasons for restart

The router usually installs firmware updates at dawn so as not to disturb. However, some may require a reboot to ensure everything goes well, and you may even need to manually install patches yourself and force a reboot to do so. It may also happen that one of these updates has not been completely successful, so the firmware is consuming too many resources and that causes some kind of failure.

Another of the main reasons why we restart the router is to change the IP address . Normally, after having the router turned off for the necessary seconds and turning it back on, our IP address will change. This is useful if, for example, our IP is identified as foreign by some service, or if instead we have any concerns about our privacy.